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Scale your SSI start-up with cheqd


cheqd provides eligible SSI start-ups with the network tools, payment utility and grants to build with us and scale. Entrepreneurs in self-sovereign identity can leverage cheqd’s network and grant program to launch their start-up journey and join us in solving some of the most critical problems in privacy, and identity today.

The ability to build and scale with minimal costs and maximum support in SSI is critical, and at cheqd, we enable our SSI start-ups to utilise our network for verification of trusted data, the utility of our payment rails, use of our sophisticated tooling and productcustomisable business models and ongoing support. 

On top of the network’s core utility and functionality, cheqd also offers inclusion in our forthcoming partnership network. In this self-serve ecosystem, SSI start-ups can engage with cheqd consulting partners, enterprises, and web3 organisations or enter knowledge sharing and potential partnerships with mature SSI vendors. We’re building a budding open-source community and we’re constantly looking for co-creators, builders and innovators to join us on our mission; to reclaim our data and commercialise SSI at scale. 

In announcing our first SSI start-up cohort, we’re also proud to announce a bespoke grant program tailored for SSI start-ups in ideation, pre-seed, seed stages. Eligible SSI start-ups can access $CHEQ token grants to enter cheqd’s ecosystem, begin validating the cheqd network and utilise the network and all its advantages to go-to-market, focus on building, and join us disrupting established paradigms to create new and fair data landscapes of the future.

Here is our first SSI cohort profile and the incredible challenges they’re looking to solve:


“Doshy is an Australian-based digital credentialing platform making it easy for individuals and organisations to issue, receive and verify SSI-enabled verifiable credentials. Doshy joined the cheqd network to enable us to offer our customers an even stronger business case for leveraging verifiable credentials, and contribute to a network that is critical to enabling mainstream SSI adoption. Together, Doshy and cheqd’s partnership will accelerate the decentralisation of digital credentials and identities.” Liem Truong (CEO, Doshy)

cheq Doshy out:


“YellowDotPink was founded on principles ensuring sustainability is equitable, transparent, and truly effecting of change – not just symbolism. We are currently focused on empowering renewable asset owners to benefit from new and emerging energy market structures aimed to deliver Net Zero benefits through electrification. Verifiable credentials (through SSI) deliver significant benefit in the energy sector with the ability to provide consent, verification, and an overarching cyber security capability to meet (through governance) strict critical infrastructure regulations for market participation. YellowDotPink is excited to partner with CHEQD as a leader in the SSI space. The CHEQD network is forging new and progressive governance to SSI and associated payment rails from core values of privacy and security by design. We look forward to working closely with CHEQD to help empower our clients.” Paul Grehan (Director, YellowDotPink)

cheq out YellowDotPink:

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“We chose cheqd as the payment rail for Known Privacy because of its focus on Self Sovereign Identity. chedq is engineered and optimized specifically to support SSI, making it an easy choice.

Known Privacy was created to give consumers ownership and control over their personal data. We are focused on changing how marketers acquire and use personal data for targeted advertising and personalization. We leverage SSI to empower marketers to pay consumers directly for their data, rather than pay for data acquired through secretive tracking and surveillance companies.

Joining the cheqd community has been an incredibly positive experience. The support directly from the cheqd team and members of the community has been great, even in the midst of an incredibly busy launch. We are looking forward to continued participation and engagement with this amazing project.” John Ruder (CEO, KnownPrivacy)

cheq out KnownPrivacy:

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“WOPLLI Technologies is an early-stage startup with a vision to make our experiences [as we work, play, learn, live] to be safe, fair and trusted. WOPLLI has adopted 5 key architecture principles to progress this work human centricity, decentralization in identifiers, distribution in data processing, heterogeneity in controls and self-healing. With this, we are working on creating a trusted platform that will enable a person to transact with verified things. DID, SSI and VC are central to the architecture of this platform. Along with the platform, we are creating and contributing to standards and frameworks including at TOIP, DIF, IEEE and NIST. We’re excited to join the cheqd network, to accelerate our vision and join the partnership network to help scale our start up and utilise cheqd’s technology and tooling to build our platform out from our original idea, to product.” Vikas Malhotra (CEO, WOPLLI)

cheq out WOPLLI:

And follow WOPLLI on Twitter.

cheq out WOPLLI on LinkedIn:


“As a founder looking to leverage Self Sovereign Identity to help firms fight financial crime, I was looking for a firm that had great products, people who are passionate about what they do, great to work with and I found cheqd ticked all those boxes.

Client Fabric is on a mission to fight financial crime and fuel commerce by engaging, enabling, empowering clients to Own, Earn from and Do Good with their data. An ecosystem, to support that aspiration, has several elements and we are starting with what, we believe, will make the single biggest difference in accelerating adoption i.e., skilled professionals who can serve both end clients and firms to meet their needs. We are building a global network of Certified Due Diligence Professionals (CDDPs) with the verified credentials that clients and firms can trust.” Arun Kiezpadathil (CEO, ClientFabric)

cheq out ClientFabric:

We know starting a start-up is an exciting, yet challenging time. Whether you’re in ideation, pre-seed or seed, supporting our SSI start-up partners is critical to the success of our network.

We want our network to grow and scale with the innovation of everyone involved in the SSI industry and that’s why we’re proud to announce this first cohort and our grant program.

If you are an SSI start-up looking for a network to support your journey, please get in touch with Tobias Halloran, Head of Partnerships at [email protected]


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