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First vAI Partnership Unleashed: cheqd Collaborates with Nuklai to Power the AI Industry with Trusted Data

Last week, we made an exciting announcement regarding a strategic partnership between cheqd and Nuklai, aimed at revolutionising the landscape of data credibility and authenticity. It’s time to dive deeper into the infrastructures behind this collaboration and explore how we will reshape the future of data verification and trust in the AI sphere.

The First vAI Partnership — What does it entail?

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared commitment to enhancing the credibility of datasets within the Nuklai smart data ecosystem. By joining forces, cheqd and Nuklai aim to add an indispensable layer of trust and reliability to datasets, empowering data contributors and consumers alike.

With this collaboration, data contributors on the Nuklai platform will now have the option to incorporate verifiable credentials to their datasets, significantly enhancing their authenticity. This infusion of authenticity translates into increased trust in the data, fostering greater adoption and, ultimately, driving the growth of the Nuklai ecosystem.

Moreover, the partnership will introduce the option to have validated contributors to datasets, further bolstering the credibility and value of Nuklai datasets. This initiative will enable Nuklai datasets to feature a ‘credibility score’ based on the trustworthiness of their data sources, providing users with tangible proof of the reliability of the data.

How does cheqd fuel the collaboration?

cheqd’s robust infrastructure serves as the backbone for verifying the authenticity and credibility of data sources. Contributors to Nuklai’s datasets can obtain verifiable credentials from trusted issuers, which attest to their identity, qualifications, and the reliability of their data. These credentials are cryptographically signed, providing cryptographic proof of their validity.

Verifiable credentials ensure that only credible and trustworthy information is utilised for training and inference purposes in the Nuklai ecosystem. Additionally, cheqd’s infrastructure enables traceability and auditability, allowing users to trace the lineage of data inputs and verify the integrity of AI-generated outputs.

Are you an AI project or its community members that yearn to leverage Verifiable Credentials and Decentralised Identifiers to verify the source of your data? Contact us or get your favourite team to contact us at [email protected]!

Enabling Nuklai Powered AI to Become Verifiable AI

This integration of cheqd’s infrastructure empowers Nuklai to establish a trusted environment where AI models can confidently operate with the provision of Trusted Data, providing users with assurance in the accuracy and reliability of AI-driven insights generated from Nuklai’s datasets.

Through this collaboration, cheqd and Nuklai are poised to advance the AI industry towards verifiable AI, driving innovation and excellence in the field of artificial intelligence while upholding the highest standards of data integrity and trust.

What’s in Store for Verifiable AI?

We have released (or will release) a series of vAI blogs to guide you through the interplay between AI and verifiable credentials, its use cases across industries, and vAI designed by cheqd.

Here’s a list of vAI materials you can dig into at the time of writing. More guides will be published soon.

Get in touch with cheqd at [email protected] to verify the source of data for your AI projects!

What is Nuklai

Nuklai is an innovative layer 1 blockchain infrastructure to host a collaborative data ecosystem that will fuel the next generation of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) with world-class data.

Nuklai’s data ecosystem is built on two blockchain networks, supporting the data ecosystem and AI with data management and computational power. Through data enhancement tools, a public data marketplace, and a private data-sharing solution for businesses, they’re building the most vibrant data ecosystem in the world.

The high-quality data developed by Nuklai’s ecosystem and the computation power provided by the decentralised infrastructure accelerates AI model training and utilisation.


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