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Andromeda Partners with cheqd: Empowering Developers with Trusted Data Markets

We are pleased to share a partnership between Andromeda and cheqd, a leading innovator in data management and trust infrastructure. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to enable the creation of marketplaces for Trusted Data while empowering developers and enhancing the Andromeda community with secure and user-controlled data solutions.

cheqd is revolutionising the Trusted Data landscape by providing a powerful platform for managing data while prioritising user control and privacy. Our technology enables the creation of Trusted Data Markets across various industries, allowing for the data exchange and monetisation in a verifiable, portable, and privacy-preserving manner. By leveraging Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and blockchain technologies, cheqd is building the payment infrastructure and trust layer necessary to create Trusted Data marketplaces.

At the heart of cheqd’s offering is a commitment to empowering consumers to fully own and control their data. With our public permissionless network, cheqd provides first-of-its-kind payment rails, decentralised identity, customizable commercial models, and governance structures for Trusted Data. From consumer credit data to Web3 lending environments, manufacturing, education, DAOs, and gaming, cheqd’s network serves as the foundation for businesses to build upon.

Through the partnership with cheqd, Andromeda aims to empower developers within their community with access to secure and user-controlled data solutions. By integrating cheqd’s technology into their platform, developers can build decentralised applications (dApps) with enhanced data management capabilities, creating more efficient and user-centric user experiences.

One key benefit of this partnership is that developers on the Andromeda platform can leverage Trusted Data Markets powered by cheqd. By utilising cheqd’s technology, developers can enhance their applications’ security, privacy, and transparency, ultimately building users’ trust and confidence. This improves the user experience and opens up new opportunities for innovation and growth within the Andromeda ecosystem.

Furthermore, the partnership with cheqd aligns seamlessly with Andromeda’s commitment to decentralisation and user empowerment. By providing developers with the tools and infrastructure needed to build secure and user-controlled data solutions, Andromeda and cheqd are driving the adoption of decentralised technologies and empowering individuals to take control of their digital identities and data.

Core Contributor at Andromeda Labs, Mant Hawkins said, “Andromeda is excited to be partnering with cheqd. The needed capability for everyone to have trusted data fits a core belief of the Andromeda Team where privacy, trust, and sovereignty reign supreme. Moving forward together our partnership will bring trusted platform composability to not only Web3, but to the Fortune 500.”

We at cheqd are firm believers in Andromeda’s mission to simplify and speed up the developer experience for anyone wishing to build decentralised applications. We have been focusing on simplifying that same experience for self-sovereign / decentralised identity companies and developers and it is extremely exciting to find a partner building to this same target for an even greater community.

Together, we will enable much greater trust between individuals, companies and things at scale, with the ultimate aim of creating the trusted data economy.” said Fraser Edwards, CEO and co-founder of cheqd.

The partnership between Andromeda and cheqd represents a significant step towards advancing the adoption of decentralised data solutions within the blockchain space. We are fostering a more secure, transparent, and user-centric ecosystem for decentralised applications by empowering developers with access to Trusted Data Markets. Andromeda and cheqd are paving the way for a future where individuals have full ownership and control over their data.

About Andromeda

Andromeda is an all-on-chain suite of products, tools, and utilities enabled by a decentralized operating system called aOs, or the Andromeda Operating System. aOS is designed to make Web3 simpler and building on-chain Easier, Better, Faster.

aOS allows users, creators, and developers to rapidly build dApps, dropping development time from months to minutes. Developers can compose ADOs and dApps across the Cosmos Ecosystem and beyond to maximize their total addressable market and interoperability with the best Web3 projects and purpose-built blockchains.

aOS is where Web3 starts.

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About cheqd

cheqd is the only privacy-preserving payment and credential network that empowers users and organizations with ownership, portability, and control over their data.Building upon Decentralised Identity (DID) and Verifiable Credentials, data can be transacted while prioritizing individual privacy.

Creds is cheqd’s first product, a no-code decentralized reputation platform for communities to build trust and loyalty. Creds also provides the ability to verify someone’s reputation, including who they work for within Telegram i.e. without either party needing to leave the app, to prevent scams and fraud.


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