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Infrastructure for Trusted Data markets

Create your own Trusted Data market


What is cheqd

cheqd is a privacy-preserving payment network that allows users and organisations to take full control of their data. Powered by self-sovereign identity (SSI) and blockchain technologies, its public, permissionless network provides first-of-its-kind payment rails for decentralised identities that can be proven with Verifiable Credentials. Read a complete infrastructure for the creation of Trusted Data Markets here.

We are creating a new paradigm around Trusted Data economies where the user is at the centre. Our technology empowers consumers and businesses with full ownership, portability, and control over their data and identities. In addition, this data can be transacted within a unique payment network that prioritises market-first principles and safeguards privacy.

cheqd solutions are unique and highly customisable – from the ready-to-use off-the-shelf Creds to bespoke private network offerings and anything in between. Depending on your needs, you can go as deep or keep your tech engagement as light as possible. Get an overview of how cheqd can support you below.

Making trusted data easy

cheqd network & payments for credentials

As an open-source blockchain network with an associated suite of tools, cheqd makes exchanging and paying for trusted data easy, inclusive, and secure. We built this on blockchain technology, as we believe no single company should control such critical Web infrastructure. Payments for digital credentials introduces the entirely new industry category – trusted data. It disrupts the identity verification space and creates new revenue models for organisations and individuals. Payments for credentials underpin all cheqd offerings and is a critical element for adoption and scaling of decentralised identity.

Is able to accommodate large volumes of digital identity interactions and transactions

Allows customisation for different ecosystems’ needs. i.e. industry, geography, regulatory frameworks

has an active software and business community contributing directly to the development

Crucial for adoption by government organisations and enterprises vs proof-of-work blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum

Introducing the only payment for Verifiable Credentials in the market

Easy integration


Credentials as a Service is a subscription-based service that allows you to issue credentials and create DIDs at the click of a button. Its ready-made software-as-a-service (SaaS) package can easily be integrated into your organisation. Credentials as a Service is a set of APIs for using cheqd’s identity functionality in a lightweight and highly efficient way. Issuing credentials has never been this easy.

If you’d like to find out more about Credentials as a Service, please get in touch with Head of Partnerships, at [email protected].

Creds are verifiable credentials, a portable, reusable, private, and secure way to build a reputation and prove that individuals are real (and not AI). Differently from NFTs and SBTs, Creds are private, revocable, and can be taken to different platforms and ecosystems. Create engaging journeys, gamify and secure communities, and enable community members and/or customers to build, manage, and port reputation.


Take control

Private networks

If you need more control over the network layer, or are just not ready for a public permissionless solution, cheqd offers to design a bespoke private network for your organisation using the underlying cheqd technology. Get a completely private and highly customisable solution.

Speak with the Head of Partnerships, at [email protected]


Use Cases

Why us?

Three reasons to use cheqd


Easily accessible common and public infrastructure

Access a common and public infrastructure that’s easily available to anyone and any organisation with payment rails between issuers, holders, and receivers of trusted data.


Standards, compliance and interoperability

Fully comply with the GDPR as private data isn’t being written to the ledger in any form. Meet the upcoming EU eIDAS regulations where SSI is becoming the de facto standard for digital interactions.


Customisable revenue models

Imagine, test, build, and iterate commercial models (e.g. volume-based discounting)

For developers

SDKs and SSI tools

If you’re a developer looking to dive deeper, we’ve got an offering for you too. There are many ways you can get involved – from building your solution to simply running a node on the cheqd network.

One of our primary goals is to make itself accessible to the widest set of identity applications possible. To accomplish this, cheqd maintains an array of packages with varying levels of integration complexity to allow its partners and customers to have a variety of ways of plugging into cheqd’s identity functionality. We are currently supporting Veramo SDK for cheqd, Aries Framework JavaScript and’s SSI Kit.

Are you a developer? Head to the developer page to get all the techy stuff and to learn how to run your node on cheqd.

Get in touch

Partner with cheqd

If you are an SSI Vendor, Consultancy, Enterprise, Government agency, or a Web3 company contact us for a discovery call so we can learn about your use case, problem statements, and get you set up with cheqd.