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Indacoin Announces Strategic Partnership with cheqd


March 11, 2022 /Indacoin/ — Indacoin, a leading fiat-to-crypto exchange company, has announced a strategic partnership with, a high-tech company seeking to become the de-facto payment mechanism for trusted data. As part of the collaboration, both companies will cooperate to drive mass adoption of the $CHEQ token and make it available to millions of credit and debit cardholders in more than 180 countries to accelerate the adoption of SSI.

Data ownership and digital identity are crucial for a decentralized world to become a reality. cheqd offers a powerful cross-industry, global and web3 solution via an incentivized network that enables payment rails in its #CHEQ token for enterprises, individuals, consortiums, and government organizations. To achieve this, cheqd’s innovative payment rails allow businesses to create new commercial models for authentic/trusted data and self-sovereign identity (SSI). Their network provides the means of payment between organizations and individuals — that issue, hold and receive trusted data globally. Thus, data and identity issuers, verifiers, and holders can pay each other for data and digital credentials without compromising users’ security creating new data marketplaces powered by cheqd and the CHEQ token.

To enable the mass adoption of $CHEQ, the cheqd team has decided to work with Indacoin. As such, every owner of Visa and MasterCard will be able to purchase native $CHEQ with ease in a safe space within minutes.

This provides easy access to the $CHEQ token for building SSI solutions atop the public-permissionless network, as well as for staking and liquidity mining rewards.

Anvar Sidorov, Partnerships Director at Indacoin, commented on the news:

“cheqd is an exciting project designed to make it easier for individuals and organizations to trust each other, so we are pleased to support them on their mission. We, at Indacoin, will do our best to facilitate the mass adoption of $CHEQ as decentralized identity and data sovereignty becomes a major concern.”


cheqd is a technology company enabling individuals and organizations to take full control of their data. It provides payment rails, customizable commercial models, and governance structures for authentic data, including self-sovereign identity (SSI). Based on blockchain technology, cheqd is built upon a public permissionless network with a dedicated token — $CHEQ.

Founded in 2021 by CEO Fraser Edwards and CTO Ankur Banerjee, cheqd is a driver for innovation backed by Outlier Ventures, Evernym, TitanBlock, 3GR, Cosmos’ Tendermint Ventures, and private investors, receiving a total raise of just over £2.4 million in its Seed investment round.

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Indacoin is a pioneer fiat-to-crypto gateway with Visa and Mastercard processing globally. The company has been operating since 2014 and its primary focus lies in developing anti-fraud software, which has enabled millions of users worldwide to quickly and safely buy cryptocurrencies. Indacoin is one of the most prominent players in the crypto community that provides risk-free transactions for more than 100 partners.


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