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Mission Two Airdrop – Claim Update

cheqd-Cosmos Airdrop Claim Mission 2 Rewards

CHEQ Airdrop Update

This cheqd airdrop has been successfully completed, resulting in many happy $CHEQ holders 🎉 We love working with our community and keep on surprising them. Make sure to join us to be the first to hear about our next event 👉 TwitterTelegram and Discord.

Community… you’ll be able to claim your Mission Two rewards very soon!

Hey, cheqmates! We originally planned on making Mission Two, Stage One claims for our airdrop available this week (week starting 14th March 2022), but based on the feedback that we have received, we’ll move it tothe middle of next week, 23rd March 2022, making it easier for you to claim all of your rewards in one go!

Mission Two: Reminder & Update


To be eligible for the rewards, a token wallet must already have been staking the following minimum amounts at the time the snapshots were taken:

  1. 10 ATOM: Snapshot taken at 10 March 2022 17:29:05 UTC
  2. 20 JUNO: Snapshot taken at 10 March 2022 14:55:27 UTC
  3. 20 OSMO: Snapshot taken at 10 March 2022 13:57:29 UTC
  4. 100 CHEQ: Snapshot taken 18 March 2022 14:22:12 UTC


Bonding a minimum amount of CHEQ tokens to the specified pools on Osmosis DEX to get additional rewards. The deadline for this step is Monday, 21st March 2022 at 12:00 UTC. You must bond the tokens in the liquidity pool; simply adding them to the pool is not enough.

  1. At least 250 CHEQ tokens (+ equivalent in OSMO) in CHEQ:OSMO LP: Bond at least 250 CHEQ tokens and an equivalent amount in OSMO in CHEQ:OSMO Pool #602 by the deadline.
  2. At least 250 CHEQ tokens (+ equivalent in ATOM) in CHEQ:ATOM LP: Bond at least 250 CHEQ tokens and an equivalent amount in ATOM in CHEQ:ATOM Pool #617 by the deadline.

When can I claim the rewards

You must go to our rewards site after Wednesday, 23rd March 2022 to check how many tokens you are eligible for, and to claim these to be distributed. We’re not going to be distributing the CHEQ tokens directly to your wallet.


The eligibility criteria for staking $ATOM, $OSMO and $JUNO remains the same. For a more detailed view, please visit this page.

The eligibility criteria for staking $CHEQ and adding liquidity to the pool remains the same, but now you know when the snapshots took place and when the next one will take place. For a more detailed view, please visit this page.

What's next?

After Mission Two is complete, we’ll start Mission Three, which we’re very excited about!.

If you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram group and Discord server for more information. Come and say hi!


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