$CHEQ is Listed on Kujira FIN DEX and MantaDAO

cheqd is proud to announce its new listing on Kujira and MantaDAO.

On Kujira

  • Platform: FIN by Kujira
  • Trading Pair: CHEQ/MNTA
  • CHEQ/MNTA pool on Kujira: click here

On MantaDAO

  • Platform: MantaDAO
  • Trading Pair: CHEQ <> axlUSDC, USDC, USK, wBTC, wETH, ATOM, KUJI and more
  • Get CHEQ on MantaDAO: click here

Benefits of the listing

  • Sustainably deepen liquidity for CHEQ
  • Facilitate intelligently routed swaps for CHEQ on FIN
  • Make CHEQ tradable against a wide variety of assets thanks to MantaSwap’s multihop router

Kujira & MantaDAO

Kujira is a decentralised ecosystem for protocols, builders, and web3 users seeking sustainable FinTech. Their core product, FIN, is an orderbook-style DEX for cross-chain asset trading with high liquidity, low fees, and customisable design.

Liquidity is the backbone of DeFi. Within the Kujira platform, an increased presence of liquidity in the orderbook signifies a higher volume of trading on FIN, providing more capacity to support additional economic activities.

This is where MantaDAO comes into play. MantaDAO, a community-owned decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) operating on the Kujira blockchain, is dedicated to enhancing the overall Kujira ecosystem. Its goal is to provide an exceptional experience for both traders and protocols seeking to list their tokens on FIN, all while ensuring profitability for MNTA stakers. A major role of MantaDAO is to establish the essential liquidity needed to bootstrap the long-term expansion of the Kujira economy. 

What makes this liquidity unique is its non-mercenary nature — it belongs to the DAO, ensuring its perpetual presence on Kujira without the need for additional incentives. This sustainable model allows the liquidity to grow organically over time through compounded profits from market-making activities within the liquidity pools.

Get CHEQ tokens through Kujira and MantaDAO

“The listing marks a noteworthy achievement for cheqd. The FIN DEX of Kujira and MantaDAO are highly efficient, promising a seamless user experience for the public. We anticipate that this listing on both platforms will help us raise awareness of the unique value proposition we offer the industry — making data empowerment and financial inclusion a reality as we bring financial services to the unbanked.” said Fraser Edwards, CEO and co-founder of cheqd.

cheqd remains steadfast in our commitment to pioneering advancements in decentralised finance. As we embark on this exciting journey with Kujira and MantaDAO, we are not only elevating the accessibility and efficiency of our token but also reinforcing our dedication to driving financial inclusion. Together with the duo, we look forward to unlocking new realms of possibilities, shaping a future where decentralised financial services transcend barriers and empower individuals globally.

The $CHEQ token is now available on Kujira FIN DEX: click here
Or you can swap it on MantaDAO: click here

Nexera ID and cheqd partner to establish the next evolution of digital identity

Nexera ID and cheqd are pioneering a new standard for customer acquisition and digital onboarding, with reusable KYC credentials.

The next evolution of digital identity

Nexera ID and cheqd have partnered to create a new standard for data exchange and for customer acquisition. Through this partnership, the objective is to streamline and expedite the way your customers interact with your platform, establishing seamless, secure and lower cost onboarding and a far more personalised customer experience, using digital credentials.

Using “customer-controlled” credentials, combining the technical infrastructure of cheqd and the customer management system of Nexera ID, this partnership is future proofing platforms for the next stage of digital identity and data exchange. This type of “user-centric” customer relationship will take centre stage in a new era of digital identity, across Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 applications.

Benefits for your customer and your application

If you are looking to simplify your customer onboarding processes, the Nexera ID and cheqd partnership is a game-changer. By adopting this user-centric approach, customer applications can empower their users by putting them in control of their digital identities, ensuring both security and privacy. A major innovation within this collaboration is the introduction of reusable KYC, which not only accelerates onboarding but also enhances data security.

For customer applications, this collaboration offers an opportunity to:

  1. Significantly reduce the costs, time, and effort involved in onboarding new customers. 
  2. Creates a more personalised customer journey, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  3. Generate a new, recurring revenue stream for giving the customer control of their data.

In essence, it’s a win-win situation for both end-customers and businesses seeking to enhance their digital identity and data exchange processes. Not only is it an improvement to the existing paradigm for KYC, but the approach also directly conforms with the upcoming eIDAS 2.0 regulation in Europe, making it the future of data exchange and customer acquisition. 

Infrastructure from cheqd. Customer Management System from Nexera.

Nexera ID and cheqd complement each other technically to provide a complete identity issuance and verification stack for your business. While cheqd is dedicated to network infrastructure and credential issuance and monetisation tooling, Nexera ID stands at the forefront of innovation with its dual-capability customer management system, seamlessly integrating both off-chain and on-chain credential verification. This unique approach, particularly our on-chain verification process, represents a significant USP, as it is an industry-first in providing a smooth and seamless user experience. By bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain-based systems, Nexera ID not only enhances security and efficiency but also pioneers a new standard in customer management and credential verification, unmatched by any other in the market.. The distinct expertise of each company comes together to create a full end-to-end flow for enterprises.

Using cheqd’s tooling, you can issue, revoke and monetise any type of credential with a simple integration into your existing application. This will improve your users’ experience as they will have a reusable copy of their data. It will also provide issuers of credentials with a way to monetise this data, incentivising more credentials to be issued into circulation. Nexera ID’s advanced customer management system, equipped with a powerful and flexible rules engine, revolutionizes the way institutions interact with decentralized finance (DeFi) and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). This system not only allows for the verification of credentials issued by cheqd, but also enables the addition of custom properties, restrictions, and triggers to enhance security and monitoring both on-chain and off-chain. By enforcing on-chain rules, Nexera ID ensures heightened security and real-time oversight, laying the groundwork for a compliant DeFi ecosystem that appeals to institutional investors. Furthermore, its innovative approach is the foundation for an automated, embedded on-chain monitoring system, which operates within the boundaries of user privacy, making it an ideal foundation for CBDC implementations. This combination of features makes Nexera ID an indispensable tool for institutions seeking to leverage DeFi and CBDCs while adhering to regulatory compliance and maintaining user privacy.

Addressing multiple market challenges

This partnership will establish an end-to-end solution for enterprises to issue and monetise KYC credentials, and utilise them for onboarding to third party services.

This can solve existing problems in a range of different industry verticals, and for a number of use cases, including:

  1. Reducing the cost of KYC: KYC data is currently prohibitively expensive, costing between $2 and $10 per customer. This makes customer verifications challenging for the business models of many industries. Through relying on reusable KYC, this cost can be reduced tenfold, opening up customer verification to a range of new industry verticals, including eCommerce, ticketing, Web3.
  2. Meeting Compliance Requirements: Reusable KYC credentials help companies achieve compliance for both the FATF Travel Rule and emerging eIDAS 2.0 regulations, without the onerous costs of traditional KYC.
  3. Solving unclear business models for data exchange: Many federated identity/data exchanges struggle to generate revenue because there is no transactional cost associated with the release of customer data. Using cheqd’s credential payments, credential issuers can receive recurring revenue whenever a credential status is verified. 
  4. On-Chain Credential Verification Innovation: Nexera ID sets a new standard with its unique on-chain credential verification, enhancing security and user experience, a first in the industry.
  5. Automated Compliance for DeFi and CBDC: Nexera ID’s rules engine enables automated compliance and monitoring, ideal for DeFi platforms and CBDCs, ensuring regulatory adherence while maintaining user privacy.
  6. Customizable Security with Dual Integration: Nexera ID offers tailored security through its flexible rules engine, supporting both off-chain and on-chain enhancements for diverse industry needs.

Through centering our efforts on resolving major customer problems (high costs, and compliance), and introducing a compelling commercial model as a solution (credential payments), we are creating a “low-risk; high-reward” product for our customers through this partnership. 

Going further into the technology

The partnership will explore using Nexera ID’s rules engine and zero-knowledge proof capability to “wrap” and “transform” credentials issued on the cheqd network into specified proofs required for onboarding to particular organisations, jurisdictions, ecosystems and industries. For example, this can be used for proving a user is over the age of 18, or is not a resident of a particular jurisdiction.

Nexera ID’s rules engine stands as a testament to innovation in the realm of on-chain compliance. At cheqd, we recognize the pivotal role it plays in simplifying the deployment and maintenance of verification rules. The synergy between Nexera ID’s rules engine and our commitment to creating seamless user onboarding and engagement experiences is unparalleled. Together, we empower organisations to navigate the dynamic landscape of digital identity effortlessly, ensuring compliance is not just a mandate but a seamless part of the user journey.says Fraser Edwards, CEO and Co-Founder at cheqd.

Moreover, cheqd and Nexera ID will explore how the rules engine can be used in combination with cheqd’s Credential Payments model. This opens up an avenue for a strategic and co-operative approach to getting enterprises to adopt digital credentials, with a clear regulatory and commercial model. This partnership will also complement the existing cheqd x FinClusive x Verida partnership, enabling KYC/KYB credentials issued from FinClusive to the Verida wallet to interact with Nexera ID’s rules engine and verification interface. 

“It’s been a fantastic journey partnering with cheqd. Their suite of identity tooling and credential payments model is a game changer for incentivising the adoption and consumption of credentials. With our existing NexeraID suite, PolygonID functionality for ZKPs, and the addition of cheqd for issuance and monetisation, we can provide an end-to-end compliance solution which is technically innovative, commercially sustainable and privacy-preserving.” says Rachid Ajaja, CEO of Nexera ID.

Image showing how cheqd and Nexera ID may work together regarding KYC credentials

AllianceBlock and cheqd Partnership Network

Both Nexera ID and cheqd have significant industry reach, namely the AllianceBlock ecosystem and the cheqd partnership network. Each company will explore how to offer a complete end-to-end onboarding solution to relevant companies within these ecosystems to maximise reach of a combined digital credential solution.

The collaboration between Nexera ID and cheqd marks the beginning of a fresh era in secure, user-focused digital credentials, providing innovative solutions for both businesses and individuals on a global scale. This partnership is actively promoting the widespread acceptance of self-sovereign identity and championing the advancement of digital privacy.

$CHEQ Listing on MEXC Exchange

We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that $CHEQ is now officially listed on MEXC. You can trade $CHEQ with $USDT and participate in the cheqd ecosystem. This is a significant step forward in our mission to provide privacy-preserving and efficient solutions for the blockchain and identity community.

Trading Details

  • Platform: MEXC
  • Trading Pair: CHEQ/USDT
  • Listing & Deposit Starts: January 23, 2024 / 9:00 a.m. GMT
  • Trading Starts: January 24, 2024 / 12:00 p.m. GMT

Trade CHEQ/USDT on MEXC: https://www.mexc.com/exchange/CHEQ_USDT

The kickstarter event will begin at 10:00 a.m. GMT on January 23, 2024.

How to Trade $CHEQ on MEXC

  1. Sign up on MEXC: Desktop or Mobile guides
  2. Deposit USDT to MEXC: Desktop or Mobile guides
  3. Search for the CHEQ/USDT trading pair or visit this link
  4. Select the amount you’d like to swap
  5. Confirm the order and enjoy your $CHEQ

About MEXC

Established in 2018, MEXC has earned its reputation as a high-performance exchange equipped with mega transaction matching technology. The MEXC team consists of early adopters and trailblazers in the realms of financial and blockchain technology. Currently MEXC serves over 10 million users across 170 countries and regions globally, and this is just the beginning. This remarkable accomplishment marks a substantial milestone, with MEXC aspiring to solidify its position as the preferred platform for both novice traders and seasoned investors as they progress in their financial endeavours.

Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in cheqd. We believe that this listing will open up new opportunities for the cheqd community and provide a solid foundation for our future growth and success.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to pave the way for the future of decentralised identity. Keep an eye out for more updates and announcements.

Introducing the first regulatory compliant, reusable KYC/KYB digital credential solution

cheqd, in collaboration with FinClusive and Verida, is thrilled to announce the launch of a verifiable KYC/KYB solution powered by digital credentials – to modernise client onboarding and monitoring across traditional and decentralised financial services on a global scale.


cheqd is delighted to announce the launch of an end-to-end solution for reusable and verifiable Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) credentials. This solution streamlines client onboarding and associated compliance, reduces onboarding costs, increases operational efficiency and meets existing and emerging regulatory requirements for both traditional and growing alternative and decentralized financial services.

Building on the achievements of the initial PoC between FinClusive and Verida in 2022, we are excited to join forces as a new partner to provide the infrastructure for credential issuance, verification, suspension and revocation. Together we can scale this combined application and enable financial services of all types to condense client onboarding times, while enabling portability and privacy controls for clients.

Interested organisations from traditional and web3 sectors, please book a call with our joint representative Alex to capitalise on the benefits of reusable KYC/KYB credentials.

Combined, this solution provides a plug-and-play platform for financial services’ KYC/KYB needs while providing reusability, client privacy, portability, and embedded compliance controls. The technology and capabilities provided through this alignment result in the following benefits for organisations that adopt this solution:

  1. Cost Savings: Significantly reduced costs for KYC and KYB verification, by a factor of 10x.
  2. Efficiency: A simplified customer experience, reducing customer drop-off rates and friction during onboarding, and making re-validation and monitoring real time. Simultaneously, for companies, it reduces manual document verifications and time-sinks through instantaneous verification and trusted checks. 
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Full regulatory compliance for customer onboarding and associated KYC/KYB, background due diligence (basic to enhanced and bespoke), with full real-time AML checks, risk scoring and background screenings, and an ongoing monitoring engine in keeping with global best practices and requirements. 
  4. Interoperability: Full compatibility and interoperability with other organisations issuing or accepting digital credentials, with no vendor lock-in–with a growing ecosystem of vendor/partners, our combined platform can enable multiple vendor engagement, and importantly accommodate financial institutions’ individual risk profiles and methodologies.
  5. Enhanced and Embedded Privacy: Improved data sovereignty and privacy for customers, via holding their credentials in a self-custodied wallet and explicitly consenting to when they are shared, with whom, and what data is verified. Digitally verifiable KYC/KYB-backed credentials protect sensitive underlying personal and entity identifying information (PII/EII), as well as sensitive accounts and payments information (e.g. account numbers, wallet addresses, payments flows), that can be attached to these credentials – providing essential proofs while eliminating continual data disclosures in current practice.
  6. Standardisation: Future-proofed technology in line with the upcoming eIDAS 2.0 regulation, and in keeping with ongoing international data standards from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and International Organization of Standardization (ISO). 

Within Q1 2024, we will be rolling out the first verifiable credentials for KYC and KYB to streamline onboarding for financial services in web2 and also regulated organisations such as Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) within web3.

Solving onboarding challenges, while reducing costs

There are currently significant challenges for companies around customer onboarding and verification where it is too costly in terms of time and money, leading to inefficiencies, to build trust in their customer-base.

This “verifiable” KYC/KYB solution positions itself to solve three major challenges faced by most companies which require identity verification checks in their course of business. 

  1. High costs for KYC/KYB. With digital credentials that can be reused, this solution significantly reduces the costs for onboarding and verifying customers, for industries such as financial services, as well as opening up KYC/KYB into new markets
  2. Challenging and costly compliance requirements. With an instantaneous check feature for AML assurance, risk scoring and other background screenings, compliance requirements can be met more easily than ever before
  3. Time inefficiencies spent on identity assurance. With verifiable data sharing, secured by cryptographic primitives, we can provide a high level of assurance without any manual effort, saving employees and employers time. 

Through addressing each of these problems, we are bringing significant value to the market, with reduced costs and improved efficiency

Amit Sharma, Founder and CEO of FinClusive has commented the following: “The rising cost of inefficient compliance in the client onboarding, KYC/KYB and verification process is both crippling for service providers and detrimental to customers’ experience and privacy. Integrating the cheqd network into the Verida Wallet to allow users to store and share their FinClusive credentials sets an industry benchmark for a regulatory-compliant digital credential application and introduces a more efficient model for the traditional finance sector.”

He continued: “Expanding our partnership with Verida with the support of cheqd is very exciting as we work to build a ‘consortia’ of partners. Together, we intend to securely issue compliance credentials across a decentralized finance network, modernizing the existing process. We are excited to grow these capabilities with partners in expanding a robust, globally transportable KYC/KYB verifiable credential that streamlines essential compliance processes and brings needed privacy controls and efficiencies to client onboarding and engagement in both traditional and decentralized financial services.”

Book a chat with our joint representative Alex now to create a seamless client onboarding and engagement experience while enjoying the pros of reduced cost for your organisation.

A feature-rich solution that meets global standards

As a full end-to-end solution, cheqd integrated with FinClusive and Verida can offer the following capabilities for achieving the first regulatory compliant process for verifiable KYC sharing and reliance:

  1. Identity verification: FinClusive currently supports identity verification coverage in over 170 countries.
  2. Digital credential issuance: Through cheqd’s Credential Service we can issue reusable and verifiable digital credentials based on the results of these identity verification checks – for both individuals and entities (including their beneficial owners and control persons).
  3. Credential storage and backup: Users can securely store their KYC/KYB credential in their Verida Vault, backed up on the decentralized Verida storage network. 
  4. Endpoints for applications and services: Applications and services can request access to this KYC credential, validating users without requiring them to repeat the KYC, creating a seamless user experience, and a value-added identity asset for clients as they engage more services from their providers and work to enable cross-services and open banking opportunities.
  5. Real-time suspension and revocation checks: Using cheqd’s decentralized infrastructure, we provide instantaneous lookups for AML screenings and other background checks.  Combined with automated ongoing client monitoring from FinClusive, credentials can be issued, managed, shared, verified, revoked as necessary in keeping with a client’s status at any given time.  Further, multiple credentials can be issued and monitored in keeping with a client’s risk profile or a service provider’s risk appetite.

All of these capabilities solve pain points for both traditional bank and nonbank financial institutions as well as decentralized and web-native services providers. Moreover, they facilitate a full end-to-end compliance solution while also giving customers “self-sovereign” control of their own KYC/KYB data. Not only does this have benefits in terms of data reusability, costs and data efficiency, as illustrated above, but it also meets existing and upcoming best practices for data protection requirements and eID, including:

  1. GDPR and CCPA: Achieving data minimisation and providing data subjects their rights by default
  2. eIDAS: Meeting emerging European eIDAS 2.0 standards and digital credential requirements for service providers, which will set a global benchmark.

In combination, this solution modernises existing processes for both web2 and web3 regulated industries. Customers no longer need to go through a KYC process multiple times for each service they onboard to, and can be verified near instantaneously, while assuring the requisite privacy protections of their personal and financial information, which traditionally is disclosed by and between verifying institutions. This creates a more efficient market for identity verification and reduces the replication and storage of sensitive personal identification documents, while providing client control of their sensitive data and embedding the necessary protections for financial system integrity.

A first-of-its-kind differentiator for regulated industries

For most regulated industries, such as financial services, companies are obligated to put in place AML and KYC/KYB controls for their customers. However, many service providers are unaware of their obligations to conduct essential KYC/KYB beyond initial onboarding

These extra obligations include ongoing client monitoring, dynamic risk scoring and continuous AML screening checks – required to meet various regulations across jurisdictions. 

These post-onboarding obligations are vital because when sharing KYC data between two organisations, the relying party may also require “real-time” data on the client to satisfy a requisite level of assurance, minimize their counterparty risk, and to meet regulatory requirements.

Our combined solution provides such needed modernization across:

  1. Client onboarding; 
  2. Ongoing monitoring and essential compliance for regulated service providers;
  3. Real-time compliance checks for relying parties.

For client onboarding, our solution automates and fully digitizes the onboarding experience using digital credentials issued upon successful KYC to a users’ wallet (with FinClusive and cheqd facilitating the issuance and Verida providing the wallet and storage capabilities for the user).

For regulated entities and financial services, our solution automates client monitoring for dynamic risk scoring by ‘embedding’ monitoring and screening controls into an easy-to-use dashboard (using FinClusive’s existing compliance suite and tooling).

For relying parties, our solution provides real-time verification of the KYC credential AND a live “double check” of the data, feeding from on-going monitoring of the client data happening in the background (using cheqd’s decentralised and privacy-preserving status list infrastructure, in conjunction with FinClusive’s compliance suite).

This collaboration has allowed us to innovate with real-time monitoring and verification checks in a fully decentralized and privacy preserving format. This is completely new to the market and enables us to provide a fully regulatory compliant solution for customer onboarding and monitoring, while simultaneously being future proofed for the new eIDAS 2.0 regulation for digital credentials. This can revolutionise the existing paradigm for customer data sharing, reducing costs and friction within existing regulated industries and emerging markets where identity verification is currently too costly” says Alex Tweeddale, Product Lead at cheqd.

Using the existing infrastructure with FinClusive, cheqd and Verida, this verifiable KYC/KYB solution can be used across various use cases:

  • Financial Services: Onboarding at any bank or nonbank financial service, lowering costs and friction. Sharing reusable and trusted data between financial services, while meeting counterparty risk and compliance requirements. 
  • Web 3.0: Reusing “Web 2.0” KYC and ongoing monitoring compliance processes to onboard to regulated Virtual Asset Service Providers at low cost and with increased efficiency
  • eCommerce and Online Retailers: Reusing verifiable KYC/KYB to purchase goods online, reducing the risk of fraud and phishing. 
  • Age Restrictions: Reusing verifiable KYC/KYB to access age restricted content, such as alcohol, gambling or gaming – meeting upcoming compliance requirements for vendors.

  • Government Services: Government agencies can use reusable KYC/KYB to streamline processes for citizens accessing various public services, reducing the administrative burden on both the government and citizens.

  • Cross-Border Transactions: Reusable KYC/KYB can be beneficial in cross-border transactions and international business dealings, where having a standardised and recognised identity verification process can facilitate smoother collaborations.
  • Others: Combining KYC/KYB credentials with other credentials (e.g. employment, accomplishments, loyalty, heath) to build higher levels of assurance and digital reputation. 

Schedule a meeting with our joint representative Alex to become a pioneer in your industry by offering a fully decentralised and privacy preserving way to verify reusable KYC/KYB credentials.

A truly global collaboration

We are thrilled to have successfully integrated the cheqd network into the Verida Wallet and work closely with the Finclusive team to provide a seamless user experience to end users to receive, store and share their reusable Finclusive credentials. This successful proof of concept is a showcase of what industry standard best practice looks like for regulatory compliant credential activities, while also demonstrating a more streamlined and efficient model for the traditional finance sector. We are incredibly excited to continue working with FinClusive and cheqd to roll this technology out across the wide range of global use cases.” says Chris Were, CEO at Verida.

Verida, based in Australia, provides a mobile wallet used by a Holder to receive, store and present their VCs. This mobile wallet also provides an embedded crypto wallet combined with the world’s leading decentralized, encrypted private data storage network suitable for storing VC’s. This provides a simple interface for end users to interact with traditional finance products and blockchain digital assets in a regulatory compliant manner.

cheqd, based in the UK, is a purpose-built network for decentralised identity. It maintains an array of packages with varying levels of integration complexity to allow its partners and customers to have a variety of ways of plugging into cheqd’s identity functionality. Via these different packages, customers and partners can issue and verify Verifiable Credentials, create cheqd DIDs, DID-Linked Resources, Status Lists and Schemas with different levels of integration effort and flexibility, enabling frictionless verification, real-time monitoring and decentralisation for resilience, uptime and efficient cross-border lookups.

FinClusive, based in the US,  is a KYC/KYB and full-stack anti-money laundering and financial crimes compliance (AML/FCC) platform with due diligence coverage in over 180 countries–providing automated KYC/KYB, requisite customer due diligence (basic to enhanced) with global coverage, ongoing monitoring and transaction tracking.  The platform automates the verification and/or issuance of digitally verifiable compliance-backed Identity credentials that can be verified centrally through FinClusive or decentrally in collaboration with Verida and cheqd using VCs.

Arrange a conversation with our joint representative Alex to start optimising your business and reduce avoidable KYC/KYC verification cost. Client onboarding and engagement experience matters.

cheqd Named Among UK’s Most Innovative New Businesses

  • cheqd listed in the prestigious Startups 100 Index
  • Startups 100 Index has previously identified brands including Monzo, Deliveroo and HelloFresh
  • Index finds the top 100 startups with the most growth potential for the year ahead

Startups 100 of the Year for 2024

The UK’s longest running index of disruptive new startups, the Startups 100, has released its 2024 lineup and cheqd has made the list.

Run by the UK’s most established website for entrepreneurs, Startups.co.uk, the Startups 100 offers a showcase of new businesses that demonstrate innovation, solid financials, opportunity in their market, a great concept, and a strong customer base or following. The list has previously identified brands including Monzo, Deliveroo and HelloFresh.

cheqd is a privacy-preserving payment network that allows users and organisations to take full control of their data. Powered by self-sovereign identity (SSI) and blockchain technologies, we are creating a new paradigm around Trusted Data economies which empowers consumers and businesses with full ownership, portability, and control over their data and identities. In addition, this data can be transacted within a unique payment network that prioritises market-first principles and safeguards privacy.

cheqd is immensely honoured to be listed in the ‘Startups 100 Index’. This recognition stands as a testament to our team’s dedication, innovative spirit, and the impact of our mission-driven approach. We’re humbled to be acknowledged alongside such exceptional companies and remain committed to pushing boundaries, fostering trust, and creating meaningful change in the landscape we operate in.

Managing Editor of Startups.co.uk, Richard Parris, comments:

“The ingenuity and innovation of the brands featuring in our annual Startups 100 index never ceases to amaze, and this year is no exception. Despite the crises of the past couple of years, we’ve seen some incredible businesses from every corner of the UK in our rankings. They may be tackling different challenges to one another, but there’s a shared mood of opportunity and an optimism for the year ahead that’s invigorating to see as we begin 2024.”

About the Index

The Startups 100, run by Startups.co.uk, showcases the top 100 new UK businesses based on five key areas of analysis: finance, external validation, size of opportunity, innovativeness of idea and strength of concept.

As well as celebrating the best small businesses in the UK, the list is also an opportunity to grow a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who support and advocate for each other.