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$CHEQ is Listed on Kujira FIN DEX and MantaDAO

cheqd is proud to announce its new listing on Kujira and MantaDAO.

On Kujira

  • Platform: FIN by Kujira
  • Trading Pair: CHEQ/MNTA
  • CHEQ/MNTA pool on Kujira: click here

On MantaDAO

  • Platform: MantaDAO
  • Trading Pair: CHEQ <> axlUSDC, USDC, USK, wBTC, wETH, ATOM, KUJI and more
  • Get CHEQ on MantaDAO: click here

Benefits of the listing

  • Sustainably deepen liquidity for CHEQ
  • Facilitate intelligently routed swaps for CHEQ on FIN
  • Make CHEQ tradable against a wide variety of assets thanks to MantaSwap’s multihop router

Kujira & MantaDAO

Kujira is a decentralised ecosystem for protocols, builders, and web3 users seeking sustainable FinTech. Their core product, FIN, is an orderbook-style DEX for cross-chain asset trading with high liquidity, low fees, and customisable design.

Liquidity is the backbone of DeFi. Within the Kujira platform, an increased presence of liquidity in the orderbook signifies a higher volume of trading on FIN, providing more capacity to support additional economic activities.

This is where MantaDAO comes into play. MantaDAO, a community-owned decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) operating on the Kujira blockchain, is dedicated to enhancing the overall Kujira ecosystem. Its goal is to provide an exceptional experience for both traders and protocols seeking to list their tokens on FIN, all while ensuring profitability for MNTA stakers. A major role of MantaDAO is to establish the essential liquidity needed to bootstrap the long-term expansion of the Kujira economy. 

What makes this liquidity unique is its non-mercenary nature — it belongs to the DAO, ensuring its perpetual presence on Kujira without the need for additional incentives. This sustainable model allows the liquidity to grow organically over time through compounded profits from market-making activities within the liquidity pools.

Get CHEQ tokens through Kujira and MantaDAO

“The listing marks a noteworthy achievement for cheqd. The FIN DEX of Kujira and MantaDAO are highly efficient, promising a seamless user experience for the public. We anticipate that this listing on both platforms will help us raise awareness of the unique value proposition we offer the industry — making data empowerment and financial inclusion a reality as we bring financial services to the unbanked.” said Fraser Edwards, CEO and co-founder of cheqd.

cheqd remains steadfast in our commitment to pioneering advancements in decentralised finance. As we embark on this exciting journey with Kujira and MantaDAO, we are not only elevating the accessibility and efficiency of our token but also reinforcing our dedication to driving financial inclusion. Together with the duo, we look forward to unlocking new realms of possibilities, shaping a future where decentralised financial services transcend barriers and empower individuals globally.

The $CHEQ token is now available on Kujira FIN DEX: click here
Or you can swap it on MantaDAO: click here


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