Where to buy $CHEQ

Own your data

$CHEQ is our token that allows issuers/receivers/holders to pay each other for digital credentials without compromising the privacy and security of users.

We partnered with Indacoin and you can buy $CHEQ directly with a credit card.

Read our disclaimer and to know which countries are not supported please read Indacoin terms of use and AML policy

Osmosis DEX

A decentralised exchange, Osmosis DEX, allows peer-to-peer exchanging of tokens. You cannot use a credit/debit card to purchase tokens.

$CHEQ bought on Osmosis will be put into a digital wallet, we'd recommend you to use Keplr wallet.

Read here to learn more about Osmosis DEX.



Being a centralised exchange, Gate.io might require that you provide a bank account and proof of identity.

When you purchase $CHEQ on Gate.io, your tokens will be kept there unless you move them to a digital wallet.



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"You can't have Web 3.0 without a form of decentralised identity that works at scale and has a business model for network participants hardcoded into it. That’s why we firmly believe in cheqd’s mission as they enable SSI.”  

Jamie Burke
CEO at Outlier Ventures