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Partnerships at cheqd

Partnerships at cheqd

This blog is the first part of two. It is addressed to the self-sovereign identity (SSI) community. Part two will be focused on cheqd’s partnerships approach with node operators who are not SSI vendors, and folks from the Cryptographic community.

Collaboration is the new innovation

No company is an island. The ecosystem which it inhabits is critical to its success. This is especially true for companies seeking to disrupt established paradigms. Simply put, industry-shifting innovation like SSI can be accelerated by a dynamic incentivised network like cheqd, and for this vision to materialise collaboration is paramount.

Collaboration through partnering is nothing new to innovation and has been critical throughout human history. Darwin himself famously remarked, “In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively… prevailed.” In the fast-changing business world of today, we could easily substitute “improvise” with “innovate,” and innovation coupled with collaboration can enable rapid mass-scale transformation, and consequently propel accelerated SSI adoption.

Central to this vision is cheqd’s offering to our partners. We’re offering never-before-seen commercial models, payment rails, innovation at scale, the creation of new ecosystems and what I refer to as; enhanced organisational ambidexterity.

Partnerships augment organisational ambidexterity

Partnerships at cheqd will provide a framework for new commercial approaches that can balance the importance for our partners of maintaining business continuity with necessary strategic change.

On the one hand, our partners can continue to profit from current business opportunities whilst maintaining continuity of service, and on the other hand, they can efficiently explore new commercial models and innovation our network enables that aligns with their overarching vision. Our partners can share risks and costs associated with innovation and value creation and benefit from a suite of mobile and backend software tools that can be embedded by cheqd, whilst implementing strategies to capitalize and capture new value created by cheqd’s network.

This is the kernel of partnerships with the SSI community at cheqd. We strongly believe we can augment our partners’ organisational ambidexterity and enhance strategic outlook with new value capture, monetise self-sovereign identity in innovative ways and ultimately bring SSI to more markets.

cheqd’s Partnership Methodology

As Head of Partnerships at cheqd, a strong conviction of mine is we must put our partners first and work from them backwards. It’s one of the main reasons I joined cheqd, as I quickly discovered this conviction was shared by cheqd’s founders Fraser Edwards, and Ankur Banerjee.

To achieve this for our partners, this is what you can expect. We will Explore, Engage, Empathise, Enable:

  • Explore: Preliminary discovery of value hypothesis and vision alignment.
  • Engage: Establish credibility and trust, deliver initial value propositions, initiate roadmap and goals towards shared vision, expand and transform with commercial & technical drivers.
  • Empathise: Relationship building, stakeholder engagement, long lasting value formed.
  • Enable: Building with our trusted partner, iterating and innovating cheqd’s resources and network to continually define success and create value for the entire ecosystem.

Our SSI partnership methodology will start with the focus on our partners, will culminate with the enablement of new ecosystems through our network and will continually prioritise our partners success through industry best practices and within a framework of innovation & delivery.

Join cheqd as a partner

We are currently running TestNet with strong inbound interest from key members of the SSI community and existing SSI partners like Evernym and DIDx leading the way. Our MainNet launch is on the imminent horizon as we value speed-to-market.

To join our network, we have an onboarding system in place where you will get started with:

  • A kick-off meeting with myself, and relevant internal stakeholders.
  • A welcome pack and partner intake form.
  • Access to our open-source community for setting up and troubleshooting your node, and TestNet token distribution.
  • Regular meetings as required (we know sometimes a 10-minute call solves problems much faster than 30 minutes of text).
  • Weekly network updates through newsletters and access to all social media channels.
  • An iterative process, which will evolve and change pending your feedback.
  • We’re also open to co-marketing activities, such as events and digital campaigns.

We’ve run internal timers on setting up nodes for TestNet and have onboarded experienced technical operators and business stakeholders. We’re looking at minimal time commitment, ensuring our partner’s development sprints, cycles aren’t diverted or impacted. It’s simple, quick and easy!

If you’re interested in a partnership, or to know more about our program, please visit this page:

To get started and onboarded please contact Tobias Halloran at [email protected]

Follow me on Twitter:

Connect with me on LinkedIn:


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