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From Web3, Trusted Data Markets, Soulbound tokens, self-sovereign identity (SSI), decentralized identity, blockchain, governance, CeDeFi, technology delivery, and enterprise deployment – we provide our latest perspective and discuss all things digital identity.

cheqd Network

cheqd Product Reflections 2022

A retrospective on a year building a Decentralized Identity network on Cosmos. Co-authored by Ankur Banerjee, Ross Power and Alex Tweeddale. TL;DR 2022 has been a huge year for

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cheqd Network

AnonCreds Indy-Pendence: Part Two

Part 2: Bringing cheqd AnonCreds to life with Animo Solutions in Aries Framework JavaScript Co-authored by Alex Tweeddale (Product Manager at cheqd), Ross Power (Product Manager at cheqd), Timo Glastra (CTO,

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