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[Closed] Infographics & Animated Stickers Competition

Infographics & Animated Stickers Competition

Our network launch date is getting closer and closer… and to get more people to understand what cheqd is all about, we’re launching a new competition!

Best Use Case Infographic

1st place: 250$ USDT
2nd place: 175$ USDT
3rd place: 75$ USDT

Research this blogTwitterour website, and YouTube channel to learn about self-sovereign identity use cases.

Best Animated Sticker Pack

1st place: 250$ USDT
2nd place: 175$ USDT
3rd place: 75$ USDT

The sticker pack needs at least five animated stickers (they need to move!) with the following:

  1. Hello!
  2. Thank you
  3. LOL
  4. Welcome to our group
  5. Let’s go!

And, the more, the better. If your pack has more stickers, you’ll definitely have the edge over the other competitors. Non-animated stickers will not be considered.

To participate in the competition, follow these steps:

  1. Join the cheqd Telegram Group
  2. Follow cheqd on Twitter: @cheqd_io
  3. Drop your entry in the thread and tag a friend
  4. Take a screenshot of your entry and send it to [email protected] along with your Twitter account and Telegram username. The subject line should be “cheqd Infographics & Stickers Competition”.
  5. Winners will be announced 5th of November through the same email sent for your entry.

Good luck and welcome to the cheqd community!

-cheqd team

Note: The data shared with us is solely for identification purposes. Participants need to have a valid Twitter account and a valid Telegram username.


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