Competition — pitch cheqd



Winner: 5,000 $CHEQ
Runner-up: 2,000 $CHEQ
Competition: 2 minutes cheqd pitch
Duration: 2 weeks — from Fri 27 Jan to Fri 10 Feb at 11am UTC

Thanks to your efforts, Fraser will be heading to the European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona, Feb 15–17, 2023. And, the boss has already prepared and submitted a killer pitch to the EBC awards.

What does this have to do with a competition, you ask? 🤔

You’ll recall our SSI in 60 seconds competition from last year, where the community had a chance to explain self-sovereign identity using memes, videos and infographics. This time, it is all about how you pitch cheqd.

Share with us how you pitch cheqd to your connections, friends, and colleagues. You can be as serious or as funny as you like, and throw in a meme, a video or infographic.

Here are the rules:

  1. The pitch has to be done in 2 minutes or less
  2. You can only submit one entry
  3. Tweets (including tweetstorms), voice messages, videos, and images are accepted on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram if you use the hashtag #cheqdPitch

Our team will forward all submissions (even if just a screenshot) to the
#🎤-pitch channel on Discord and pick their two favourite pitches.

Winner will receive 5,000 $CHEQ and the runner up 2,000 $CHEQ.

This competition will run for two weeks starting Friday 27th January and will end on Friday 10th February at 11am (that’s the time we’ll stop accepting entries to the competition). 🎁

Good luck and we’re looking forward to seeing your pitch.

[Closed] SSI in 60 seconds or less Competition


Hello cheqmates!



Winner for the most engaged meme goes to this entry by Hendai18
The meme chosen by the team goes to this entry by risk22_


Winner for the most engaged video goes to this entry by Vasco789
The video chosen by the team goes to this entry by zhenonx


Winner for the most engaged infographic goes to this entry by babymrwizard
The infographic chosen by the team goes to this entry by JhonWickETH

It has been a while since we ran our last ‘official competition’ (I’m aware that Matt is running some unofficial competitions during weekdays late at night — naughty naughty Matt) so we thought it would be fun to see how good your understanding of Self-Sovereign Identity is.

Join our SSI in 60 seconds or less competition!

To participate simply follow these steps:

The video, infographic, or meme has to be on topic. You need to explain what Self-sovereign identity is in 60 seconds or less. If you’re creating an infographic, people should not spend more than 60 seconds to read it, if it’s a video it can’t be longer than 60 seconds.

We will pick the winner based on creativity and clarity of the explanation, so focus on being able to summarise what SSI is. Remember, you can use facts, stories, analogies, examples, use cases… be free and creative!

Get inspired by our video below.

6 Winners

We will select TWO winners for each category (video, infographic, and meme). We will pick our favourite one and the other will be picked based on the amount of engagement/interaction the entry had.

Prize: 1,500 $CHEQ per winner

Winners will be announced on the 11th October at 11pm GMT+1.

Additional information

  1. You can submit as many entries as you want in any category
  2. You must submit an original entry
  3. We reserve the right to use any of the entries in our community, presentation, or any other material that we see fit
  4. NSFW materials will not be accepted/considered
  5. We reserve the right to decide on giving out a surprise reward if our community grows in number by the end of the competition

Get ready, set, GO CREATE cheqmates. Good luck.

Data Wars: Return of the Cosmos Community Missions


This cheqd airdrop has been successfully completed, resulting in many happy $CHEQ holders 🎉 We love working with our community and keep on surprising them. Make sure to join us to be the first to hear about our next event 👉 TwitterTelegram and Discord.


Fellow cheqmates of the Rebel Alliance! We return bearing news that the final Cosmos Community mission is here. It’s not hard but you’ll have to process a lot of informationUse the Force to find the way to the rewards and beware of the Dark Side that wants to steal your data and proceed with…

We’ve taken some artistic licence while creating this mission. We hate to burst your bubble but to succeed in this mission you’ll have to be…

You may have to put your pride aside to do some grinding before unlocking the rewards. Remember, it should be a 👇

So open your creative valve and pick up a pen to decode clues much like the nuclear physicists who invented hyperdrive had to!

As you embark on this crazy adventure to be the first to crack the mystery, you may find that keeping a sunny disposition will be core to being victorious.

Find your voice, Padawan, as you become cheqd’s ally in the Data Wars Rebel Alliance by being able to explain what self-sovereign identity (SSI) ishow our tokenomics works, and learn more about how our network gives you complete control of your data.

If you haven’t figured it out already, Mission 3 is akin to puzzle genre game, similar to Tetris. (Although, one could say that a Tetris screen looks like the…).

You might also find that building bridges with other cheqmates gives you an edge by putting many heads together: so ask your friends, your parents and other members of the CHEQ community for help.

But also remember…with great effort comes great rewards.

With great quotes come great movie franchises

Big enough for you to foot the bill for a celebration with your mates, but, let’s be honest, not enough to pay for your kid’s tuition

Are you in a treasure-hunting state of mind? Are you ready to claim your bounty before anyone else? We’ve already given you two very big clues in this blog post.

What we learned from the $CHEQ community


Co-authored by Fraser Edwards and Eduardo Hotta.

We always planned on recapping how the cheqd airdrops went but in addition to that, we need to eat some humble pie and share the lessons we’ve learned in case they are of any use to projects executing future airdrops. Some of these are airdrop mechanics, some technical, and some communications and community building.

We’ve split this out into The GoodThe Bad and The Ugly since that seems to bucket things nicely. For once, we’re not space-themed. Unfortunately (or fortunately) no one has made a TGTBATU in space.

  • The Good: We blew way past our original expectations and really had to HODL (Hold On for Dear Life — the meaning being from the fictional origin story of HODL)
  • The Bad: We tried some new technical approaches for the airdrop and these didn’t go exactly to plan. We also attempted to prevent and call out gaming of the airdrop but since our execution was off, we were throwing stones in glass houses.
  • The Ugly: During Mission One we found significant gaming which could have exposed the network to a similar issue to the one which has split the Juno community. We’d like to mention that we respect and like Juno very much, so this is not in any way a criticism of their airdrop. Some of this we got right, some we got wrong.

Scene setting

Before we get into the action, we need to set the scene. Like most projects planning airdrops, we were aiming to widen our participation, awareness and people’s ability to build, especially as we were pretty unknown in the Cosmos ecosystem, having only founded the company in April 2021, launched in November 2021 and mainly focusing our marketing efforts on the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) world. We’re aiming to give people worldwide their data privacy, control and ownership back so improving participation and ownership fits well with our mission.

Before the airdrop, our community metrics were:

  1. Telegram: 12k
  2. Twitter: 25k
  3. Discord: 30 (not ks, 30!)
  4. Accounts: ~4.5k

Our original barometer for success was to increase at least our Telegram and Twitter communities by 5,000, which would have been a ~38% increase on Telegram, and 25% on Twitter.

We blew past these substantially. So let’s introduce the good.

The good

As we’ve hinted above, we shot past the internal targets we had set ourselves. Where we ended up was:

  1. Telegram: ~23k (~27k at peak) — 91.7% increase
  2. Twitter: ~48k (~50k at peak) — 94.4% increase
  3. Discord: ~11k (~15k at peak) — 36,566.7% increase (albeit from a very low level)
  4. Accounts: ~74k — 1,544.4% increase

This was almost entirely driven by Mission One where the aim was improving awareness through rewards for following us on Twitter and joining our communities on Telegram and Discord amongst others. We also wanted Mission One to allow more people to participate in Mission Two which was focused around staking and liquidity pooling (LPing).

As well as pure numbers, we’ve had many messages from members of communities we didn’t know existed (e.g. the Bangalore Web3 Cosmos community) to say we’re on their radar. Given some of our best contributors come from these communities this is exactly what we were hoping for and we hope to return their support!

Another fantastic thing that happened was the support and the encouraging words we received from our community. This airdrop experience created a strong bond between community members and also with cheqd.

The scale and pick-up caught us by surprise and led to the introduction of The Bad. website traffic by country

The bad


We always aim to provide clear instructions and communicate in the simplest way possible so our messages could be understood by a wide group of people.

Unfortunately, we failed to provide a clear message in at least three instances

The first being that we stated in our first blog post that people entering the airdrop had to provide a cheqd wallet. However, more than 700 entries provided non-cheqd wallet addresses (cosmos, osmo, juno, regen, umee, etc.), which we decided to convert into cheqd wallets, so more people could participate in the airdrop.

The second time is the following:

A lot of people did not understand the phrase ‘week commencing’ and thought the claim website would be live on Monday 14th March 2022.

Why are we sharing this?

We took longer than we anticipated to start distribution due to the time needed to convert non-cheqd to cheqd wallets.

The second one created a situation where people started complaining that the claim page wasn’t live on Monday. This snowballed into people spreading the misinformation that we ‘delayed or cancelled’ the distribution as early as it was morning in Asia (and our team mostly follows UK hours).

Finally, the third instance happened when we closed the claim webpage as we went through a network upgrade. We had created a ‘maintenance’ page based on the design of the ‘Your Geography / IP address range is blocked’ page that was being displayed in affected regions.

Unfortunately, the ‘maintenance’ page took too long to propagate on the network, therefore people visiting the claim webpage during that time saw a ‘Your Geography / IP address range is blocked’, which created a bit of confusion that eventually led to a heavy flow of messages in our groups.

Oh, and one last thing… we were also already on high alert…

Our sensitivity to anything worrying was heightened after a project started using our ticker ($CHEQ) and had all the signs that it would be a rugpull during Mission One. This project copied and used a lot of the same things we do in our community (e.g. saying ‘cheq this out’ and their community members being called ‘cheqmates’) and also ran their own airdrop.

Without spending too much time on this, the project was indeed a rugpull and used our brand and airdrop to confuse people in the Cosmos and Juno community. Luckily, they rebranded and changed a lot of things before their rugpull, which meant they didn’t harm our brand that much. We thank our community for making them rebrand in a very short space of time!

Now going back to the gaming of the airdrop…

We’ll cover it properly in The Ugly but we saw a substantial amount of gaming of the airdrop. Enough to threaten the entire integrity of it.

This meant we had to review our original reward tiers and the amount of the rewards itself. In a nutshell, we decided to reduce the staking and increase the liquidity pool rewards.

Whilst we knew we hadn’t protected ourselves fully for Mission Two (you never can with gaming, it’s always a game of cat and mouse), we did want to call this out to other projects that were about to execute airdrops so they could avoid what we were going through.

Where we got it terribly wrong was not having our own house in order. We do wonder if we would have received the same reaction if claims had been working perfectly for those who were eligible, but alas, we’ll never know, and we have to own it. Thank you to those who did fight our corner, we really appreciated it, and it made a big difference to us.

Another thing is that we didn’t have enough manpower to reply to every tweet, support ticket, and message on Telegram and Discord. Most of the complaints, feedback, and messages came on a Saturday. Our team was so exhausted that we had to rest during that day. In hindsight, we should have bought a lot of energy drinks and answered some of the questions being brought up.

We hope this detailed breakdown goes some way towards an act of repentance.


For those who are interested, strap in because this is where it gets technical.

Our Head of Marketing reviewing this section of the blog

Originally, the criteria for Mission Two were intended to be CHEQ “AND” others rather than CHEQ “OR” others as it became, to use logic gate terms. The first would have meant only people holding CHEQs would be eligible, whereas the second meant anyone who fit any of the criteria was eligible regardless of prior interaction with CHEQs.

However, during Mission One, we thought that it would be a good idea to give more people the opportunity to join Mission Two. The idea was simple: allow ATOM, OSMO, and JUNO stakers to claim an initial CHEQ reward that they could then stake or participate in a Liquidity Pool.

Thus, we split the claim in two stages, the first one for ATOM, OSMO and JUNO stakers, and the second for CHEQ stakers and LPs.


We started getting feedback from the community saying that they preferred to have just one claim, as two would be too complicated. We listened and went back to having just one claim, but since we had already announced that it was “OR” instead of “AND”, we didn’t change that back.

This meant the universe of eligible addresses increased from ~30k (4.5 existing, max of 25k new due to limit) to 204k. However, our approach and processes had been designed around ~30k addresses, which we quickly found issues with.


One of the major issues that resulted from this was that our snapshot execution was off at this new scale. The typical way to take snapshots for an airdrop is by running a full archive node for the target chains. For large chains (e.g. OSMO), this requires running what can be quite heavy infra, waiting to catch-up then being able to work with this so it can be time consuming. It also means that all of the logic for the airdrop is in code and is effectively a black-box to non-devs, putting the burden for execution and support resolution with the dev team.

We attempted to circumvent this by making API calls using Google App Scripts (similar to those used by block explorers) to pull results then use either Excel or Sheets to process these ready for distribution. This would have provided a lightweight execution and allowed the development team to focus on executing the core roadmap as well as allowing non-dev members of the team to test and support.

The first snag introduced by 204k accounts was that App Scripts was limited to 100k requests per day. Since we were checking across ATOM, OSMO and JUNO chains, we were well beyond that. After hitting rate limit alerts, we split the requests, so they were made from multiple accounts, however, we still hit the limits but without sufficient alerts in place with hindsight. This is the root cause of the majority of the genuine support tickets we have received.

The second was stitching together the results, ensuring they were unique and calculating rewards. Excel and Sheets were adequate tools for 25k accounts but were beyond their limits when tasked with 204k records requiring blends of computationally intense formulas (at least on this scale) such as vlookups, indexes and matches to combine them into a cohesive list. This meant every time we identified an issue, investigated, resolved and rolled it out, the processing took a colossal amount of time. Again, this would have been no problem at all at 30k, but hugely time consuming at 204k.


After seeing issues in the speed of distribution for Mission One, for Mission Two, we used a CosmJS-based Cloudflare Worker, which is a highly scalable/fast way of doing distributions, using six distribution wallets to include multiple distribution transactions per block. website traffic spike

However, one of the assumptions we built into this model was being able to use Cloudflare Works Unbound (up to 30 seconds CPU time) versus Cloudfare Workers Bundled. Unfortunately, Unbound is only possible with a custom enterprise contract which isn’t highlighted in the documentation. Although we had six distribution wallets, when we had a flood of transactions, each worker was only able to run for 100ms max before being throttled, forcing us to drop down to one distribution account whilst we refactored.

CloudFlare Workers comparison

Over the weekend, we refactored to use three Workers (with two accounts each) that could fit comfortably within the execution time for a Bundled Cloudflare Worker, which comfortably cleared the queue down extremely quickly. During this refactoring, we spotted an issue where it was possible to claim multiple times. As we had assumed at worst, a small distribution queue, we were checking whether there had already been a distribution to an address when anyone attempted to claim. This meant if you submitted multiple claims before the first distribution was made, there would be multiple distributions. We, therefore, shifted the check to the point of distribution to prevent multiple claims.

The other issue was that we stored the list in a key-value pair called Cloudflare Workers KV (key, value; example below), which sorts the keys (in our case, wallet addresses) alphabetically. Originally, this would not be a problem since the speed of distribution using the Unbound usage model would prevent any backlog of addresses.

Key: cheqd1…xxx Value: {“amount”:50,”timestamp”:1649853749658}

Unfortunately, until this was resolved, it meant that anyone low down the list of addresses alphabetically was constantly being pushed to the end by new requests. We fixed this by appending a randomly-assigned “queue-X” prefix in front of the key.

New functionality required

One major downside of not getting things right the first time is that it often introduces the need for new features which weren’t originally required.

As a result of the issues in the snapshots, we had a blend of:

  1. People who had not claimed
  2. People who had successfully claimed against a correct allocation
  3. People who had successfully claimed against a partially correct allocation

Since our distribution was built around a single claim/distribution, we had to amend this to allow those in category three to claim any missing rewards, moving from a single claim/distribution to multiple with more complex logic. Eventually, this accounted for:

  • Eligible for
  • Claimed
  • Claimed but not yet distributed
  • Eligible for but not claimed

Circling back, this cascade all started from the decision to increase eligibility from 30k to 204k wallets. Whilst we thought our approach would support this increase in volume, we were quickly disillusioned.

However, this baptism of fire did have some major upsides.

The good (again)

The result of some extremely late nights and colossal team efforts (special shout out to AnkurRossTasos and Javed here) was our infrastructure distribution and support processes had not only been volume tested but also drastically improved.

Whilst we would advocate that teams follow the typical snapshot processes, the distribution process we now have is much more feature complete, quicker and flexible than originally as well as having been thoroughly volume tested. We will be open-sourcing this part of the code-base for use in any future projects.

The ugly

The first inkling that something was off was when we downloaded the completed entries from Mission One, and spotted a suspicious series of emails, e.g. [email protected], [email protected], etc, when scanning through.

Since we had a lot of data points from Mission 1 (Telegram handle, Twitter handle, email addresses, who referred whom, etc.) we started investigating to understand the scale of the problem and the potential exposure from Mission Two since the rewards were much larger.

The most egregious of these were:

  • Multiple cheqd accounts per Twitter account:
  • 1 twitter account which had submitted 49 different addresses
  • Overall we had 915 accounts where 1 Twitter account owned multiple addresses
  • The same cheqd address submitted by multiple email addresses or Twitter accounts:
  • 1 account submitted by 160 different email addresses
  • Overall we had 781 addresses that were submitted by different email or Twitter accounts

We also had 116 instances in support tickets where the airdrop was transferred out of the account and then a ticket raised claiming it was never received.

Whilst investigating, we identified that the bulk of these were coming from the same country. This behaviour was confirmed as widespread when we saw it openly discussed on our Discord server with syndicates and dumping both openly talked about.

Since we identified 12k wallets from this country with a high proportion of gaming, we took the difficult decision to add these to a denylist and geoblock then work through valid claims via our support processes.

And, believe us… it wasn’t easy.

Currently, out of all the addresses we blocked and the tickets raised, we had less than 90 valid claims for this country. Further, the majority of these had already been dumped. In the spirit of fair play, since they followed the airdrop rules, we have rewarded them.

As we covered in The Bad, we attempted to highlight this to other projects about to execute airdrops but we didn’t get this right in a number of areas. However, now that we are through the majority of the tickets, we are comfortable that we took the right approach, although we should definitely have made sure all our processes were working before we highlighted the issues we were seeing.

If there are any projects about to do an airdrop, we would be more than happy to share in detail what we learned, the investigations we did, and what we would change for the future, including addresses which would be worth checking for exposure when shaping an airdrop to check.

The really ugly

Now, to the really ugly stuff…

After we communicated our decision about the geoblock, a group of people spread disturbing lies (which we won’t repeat here) and tried to ban us from social media by reporting our cheqd profiles. This same group also incentivised people to downvote us on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Although we can’t prove it, we believe this group has done these activities before, as it was well coordinated and done at an impressive speed.


You can tell a lot about someone by the way they react when challenged and regardless of whether we were right or wrong in our actions, the abuse that followed wasn’t and isn’t acceptable anywhere for any reason.

Rather than engaging constructively, our Community Managers (CMs), Ambassadors and team were subjected to disgusting racism, sexism, sharing of pornography, and threats of violence, including death threats. The correlation between polite genuine claims and vitriol from those trying to game the airdrop was pretty much perfect.

We have to say a massive thank you to our CMs, Ambassadors and the wider community for their patience and grit in responding to this!

The plot timeline

The plot points above are all intertwined, so we’ve created a timeline view below to show them in chronological order.

Lessons Learned

It’s not as easy as it seems to run an airdrop campaign. As you have seen with our airdrop, and many others, people will try to make the most out of it. It’s normal, a natural human behaviour. We knew this would happen and we tried our best to reward our real community (old and new).

We’re sharing this blog post to help other projects out there that are facing similar issues and to answer some questions that people outside our community might have.

If you have any questions feel free to drop a message on Telegram or Discord.

And, to close this chapter and move on to the next, we ask people that are participating in other airdrops, to be patient, have empathy, and try to understand that behind a project there is a team of people.

People need to eat, sleep, and are working their a** off to get things done right. Like anything in life, sometimes things go as planned, sometimes there are bumps in the way.

We would like to end this blog post by thanking our community members, Community Managers, and Ambassadors for backing us and giving us the strength to keep fighting the Data Wars.

Mission Two Airdrop – Claim Update

cheqd-Cosmos Airdrop Claim Mission 2 Rewards

CHEQ Airdrop Update

This cheqd airdrop has been successfully completed, resulting in many happy $CHEQ holders 🎉 We love working with our community and keep on surprising them. Make sure to join us to be the first to hear about our next event 👉 TwitterTelegram and Discord.

Community… you’ll be able to claim your Mission Two rewards very soon!

Hey, cheqmates! We originally planned on making Mission Two, Stage One claims for our airdrop available this week (week starting 14th March 2022), but based on the feedback that we have received, we’ll move it tothe middle of next week, 23rd March 2022, making it easier for you to claim all of your rewards in one go!

Mission Two: Reminder & Update


To be eligible for the rewards, a token wallet must already have been staking the following minimum amounts at the time the snapshots were taken:

  1. 10 ATOM: Snapshot taken at 10 March 2022 17:29:05 UTC
  2. 20 JUNO: Snapshot taken at 10 March 2022 14:55:27 UTC
  3. 20 OSMO: Snapshot taken at 10 March 2022 13:57:29 UTC
  4. 100 CHEQ: Snapshot taken 18 March 2022 14:22:12 UTC


Bonding a minimum amount of CHEQ tokens to the specified pools on Osmosis DEX to get additional rewards. The deadline for this step is Monday, 21st March 2022 at 12:00 UTC. You must bond the tokens in the liquidity pool; simply adding them to the pool is not enough.

  1. At least 250 CHEQ tokens (+ equivalent in OSMO) in CHEQ:OSMO LP: Bond at least 250 CHEQ tokens and an equivalent amount in OSMO in CHEQ:OSMO Pool #602 by the deadline.
  2. At least 250 CHEQ tokens (+ equivalent in ATOM) in CHEQ:ATOM LP: Bond at least 250 CHEQ tokens and an equivalent amount in ATOM in CHEQ:ATOM Pool #617 by the deadline.

When can I claim the rewards

You must go to our rewards site after Wednesday, 23rd March 2022 to check how many tokens you are eligible for, and to claim these to be distributed. We’re not going to be distributing the CHEQ tokens directly to your wallet.


The eligibility criteria for staking $ATOM, $OSMO and $JUNO remains the same. For a more detailed view, please visit this page.

The eligibility criteria for staking $CHEQ and adding liquidity to the pool remains the same, but now you know when the snapshots took place and when the next one will take place. For a more detailed view, please visit this page.

What's next?

After Mission Two is complete, we’ll start Mission Three, which we’re very excited about!.

If you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram group and Discord server for more information. Come and say hi!

Cosmos Community Mission Two


Cosmos Community update

This cheqd airdrop has been successfully completed, resulting in many happy $CHEQ holders 🎉 We love working with our community and keep on surprising them. Make sure to join us to be the first to hear about our next event 👉 TwitterTelegram and Discord.

Classic #Cosmos

Howdy community,

Thank you so much for your participation in our first mission. The engagement was fantastic and at the same time a bit overwhelming. Let me be very candid, we didn’t expect so much engagement! That’s why we had to pull the plug on day two, as we had overreached our maximum number of entries.

If you feel there’s something wrong with your airdrop please raise a ticket on the following link and we’ll cheq it for you:

Here are some cool numbers from Mission one.

Total number of entries: 25,729 (max number of participants was originally 20,000)

Eligible entries: ~15,500

Top 3 reasons for not being eligible:

  • Didn’t provide a cheqd wallet address (many provided ETH and BTC)
  • Didn’t follow us on Twitter
  • Didn’t join us on Telegram and/or Discord

Wrong wallet address:

  • ~9,000 people didn’t provide a wallet address
  • ~30 people provided the help text as their wallet address
  • >20 people provided a truncated cheqd wallet address (i.e. didn’t copy the FULL address “cheqd1xxx….xxx
  • 1 person used >70 fake email addresses to have multiple entries
  • 1 person (possibly the same person) used >90 fake email addresses
  • 1 person shared a wallet’s MNEMONIC! 😩

Bonus: >50 individuals provided more than one wallet address from different networks linked to the same account


  • >8,000 people didn’t follow us on Twitter


  • ~9,000 people didn’t join our Telegram group and/or Discord

Busiest day: February 23rd

Number of countries with at least one entry: 162

Top three countries with most entries:

  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria

Countries that participated in our 1st Mission

Our community also grew a lot:

  • Twitter: from ~25,000 to ~46,000
  • Telegram: from ~12,000 to ~26,000
  • Discord: from maybe 30 to ~15,000

In a nutshell, we only have to thank you for the support and engagement.

The reason for social-task based airdrop

We wanted everyone to have a little bit of $CHEQs to participate in our second Mission. The rewards are higher and also requires more involvement with Cosmos.

Cosmos, The Internet of Blockchains, is an ecosystem of interconnected apps and services. cheqd was built on Cosmos SDK so we’re part of this ever-growing ecosystem.

Therefore, we want to give back to the community. Either through the airdrop or by getting more people to know about Cosmos’ ecosystem.

First Mission. Status: Accomplished.

Airdrop reward

If you completed every task of the Mission, including referring a friend, you should have received 250 $CHEQs in your cheqd wallet.

Voting: JUNO is the Winner

If you completed all the tasks AND voted for Juno, you should have received an additional 50 $CHEQs.

Top three projects:

  1. Juno
  2. Secret Network
  3. OmniFlix

Ok, I got 250 $CHEQs (or 300), what’s next?

You should definitely stake your CHEQ tokens, and participate in our mission to build a decentralised governance system for digital identity. In addition to that, you can participate in the Osmosis DEX liquidity pools for CHEQ:OSMO (pool #602) or CHEQ:ATOM (pool #617).

Read this blog post on Liquidity Pool for more information on what it is and how you can participate in one.

Mission Two - Are you ready?

Mission Two is broken into two stages.

First stage - Cosmos

ATOM (block height 9703992), OSMO (block height 3534866), and JUNO (block height 2223587) chains on Thursday, 10th March 2022. For more information please visit this page. If you had been staking at least the following amounts…

  1. 10 ATOM
  2. 20 OSMO
  3. 20 JUNO

…you will be eligible to claim an airdrop of CHEQ tokens some time on the week commencing Monday 14th March on We’ll let you know when the airdrop claim is live.

You will get a reward for each of the completed tasks above.

More $CHEQ for you to stake and especially to participate in our Liquidity Pools.

Note: The amount you need to stake is counted across all validators, not just a single validator.

Second Stage - cheqd

We really incentivise you to help cheqd by participating in our Liquidity Pools. To be eligible for more airdrops, do the following:

  1. Stake at least 100 $CHEQ — you can do it on any validator, with any amount, just make sure that the total amount staked is a 100 $CHEQ or more
  2. Add at least 250 $CHEQ and the equivalent in OSMO on Liquidity Pool 602 (i.e. CHEQ:OSMO with a 50/50 balance)
  3. Add at least 250 $CHEQ and the equivalent in ATOM on Liquidity Pool 617 (i.e. CHEQ:ATOM with a 50/50 balance)

For each of the tasks above that you complete, you will receive a reward. In other words, if you want to receive the maximum reward, you simply need to stake and participate in both Liquidity Pools.

You should be eligible to claim the reward on the same rewards page.


  1. If you completed all the tasks on Mission One, you should have been airdropped already. cheq out your cheqd wallet.
  2. Mission Two starts today Thursday 10th March 2022
  3. If you were already staking 10 $ATOM, $20 OSMO, and $20 JUNO before Thursday, 10th March 2022 — you’ll receive a reward PER chain. To use an example, if you were staking some $ATOM but not $OSMO or $JUNO, you’ll receive a one of three rewards available, whilst if you had staked $ATOM, $OSMO and $JUNO you’ll receive all three rewards
  4. Claim your Mission Two stage one airdrop sometime on the week commencing Monday 14th March 2022 — we’ll let you know when the site is live
  5. Add your airdrop to our Liquidity Pool 602 and Liquidity Pool 617, and stake 100 $CHEQ. More details on the deadline for this will be mentioned on the rewards site.
  6. Claim your Mission Two stage two airdrop — we’ll let you know the exact date soon
  7. Get ready for Mission Three

Final thoughts

Airdrops are not simple or easy to run. We get thousands of people trying to game the rules. It took us 3 more days than we originally planned to sort out all the wrong information people used in their entries, cleanse all the thousands of duplicate entries AND to give some people a second chance.

A good example of this, we clearly stated that you must provide a cheqd wallet address to be eligible for the airdrop. Surprise, surprise, we had more than 700 entries that provided a range of other wallet addresses (cosmos, osmo, juno, regen, umee, etc.).

Instead of simply removing them, we decided to convert all these wallets to cheq, as we appreciate the effort people have put to spread the word about cheqd.

But… and there’s always ‘buts’… we could easily see that many people tried to pull a fast one on us and in fact provided different network addresses for the same wallet. Let’s be frank, my frens, our team has identity experts, we can’t be fooled that easily.

Going through this experience, we see that projects running airdrops are crying out for a better identity solution, so we might explore this opportunity and help out other projects that are thinking about doing airdrops.

And, that’s it folks… if you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram group and Discord server for more information. Come and say hi!

Cosmos Community Airdrop



For the Cosmonauts and our community members in the USA, we’re sorry to say that you won’t be eligible for this airdrop due to regulatory uncertainty. As you are aware, the USA is a big market for us and we want to enter it with a clean bill of health. We’re thinking in ways to get you involved, so watch this space.

Hi community!

Back in December 2021, when everything was locked down in the UK, we ran our first Rewards Program. The goal back then was to reward our early community members, people that believed in our mission and helped us shape our network, grow our community, and educate our Telegram members and Twitter followers.

December was nuts. The engagement in our Telegram group and Twitter was so high that I went insane for a few weeks. And, I personally want to go insane again, so we’re pleased to announce our new Cosmos Community Airdrop!

This may or may not be our Head of Marketing & Community

This time we want the #IBCGang and the #Cosmonauts to be part of it.


Well, back then we were so focused on getting our network ready and live that we missed out on how engaged and loyal the Cosmos community is. My bad. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

A journey into the cosmos

Now, we invite you to join us in an adventure into the Cosmos. We’re looking to recruit Cosmonauts to help us reclaim ownership and full control of our data. We believe you should own your data, take it wherever and use it however you want. Our Cosmos Community Rewards will consist of three missions and… they will all be linked!

First mission

The socials — we want the whole Cosmos community to benefit from this program. However, we’re well aware that not everyone in the community knows about us, so to maximise reach we’ll kick-off with a follow us, invite your friends and share our name with your contacts.

This mission will officially start on Wednesday 23rd February and end on Wednesday 9th March at 11.45pm. It’s good to point out that to be fair with our Telegram community, we gave them a head start on the 22nd of February.

Due to the massive amount of interest, we’ll have to cap to around 20,000 Cosmonauts. As soon as we hit this number, we’ll consider this first mission accomplished.

One of the tasks to complete the mission involves choosing another Cosmos project. We will add an extra reward for everyone that votes for the project that ends up with the most votes. We recommend you to invite your friends from other Cosmos projects to participate and vote.


This may or may not be our Head of Marketing & Community

Second mission

Oh, the classic network snapshot.

Wait a minute, is that why you wanted us to invite our friends for the first airdrop? So they could participate in LP and get snaps… Oooooh.

Second mission

We’ll provide more details when the first mission is over. But… the rewards for this mission will be higher. 😉

Third mission

This one will be fun. I’m very excited about it, but our CTO asked me to keep it a secret. 🙊

More information will be shared when the second mission is over. However, stay tuned, this one will be amazing.

Nice, but... how much will the rewards be?

I can’t say it now, but you won’t be disappointed, ser.

Wise words from Yoda

Are you ready to help us in the fight against the dark forces that hold our data, and reclaim ownership and full control of our data? Take your data wherever and use it however you want. Be a rebel and join us in the Data Wars!

Start your mission here!

Join our cheqd Ambassador Program


We’re excited to announce the launch of our Ambassador program. This program aims to recruit awesome ambassadors that will help us grow our community and make self-sovereign identity (SSI) a reality!

For you to be successful in this program, you’ll need to be able to articulate SSI, our use cases, partnerships, milestones, and achievements to a broader audience.

On our travels, we’ve found that not enough people are aware of SSI given it has the potential to:

  • Give you ownership of your data
  • Remove the need to ever create an account again
  • Eliminate passwords

Help us spread the word!

Requirements & Benefits

As an ambassador we expect you to promote cheqd and produce interesting, fun, and engaging content that will attract more people to our project.

If you’re considered a qualified candidate, you will receive special benefits and bonuses depending on your role and the degree of your contributions.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  1. Join the cheqd OG group in Discord
  2. Work closely with the cheqd team
  3. Advise marketing decision-making process as a community representative
  4. Opportunity for a full-time job
  5. Get the chance to earn surprise rewards

Roles, Responsibilities & Bonuses





Write articles to explain cheqd and its use cases to different audiences. Share project updates and events. Publish relevant blog posts regularly.

20-200 USDT/CHEQ per article depending on the content. 


Translate our content into different languages.

20-200 USDT/CHEQ depending on the number of content translated.


Create memes, stickers and other visual content.

10-200 USDT/CHEQ depending on the content.

Video maker

Create explainers, memes, and how-to videos.

50-300 USDT/CHEQ depending on the content.

Creative/Guerrilla activities 

Surprise us!

Up to 2,000 USDT/CHEQ depending on the result.

Every single work MUST BE approved by the core team. Your bonus will be added and paid in full at the end of the month. Be aware that after content is approved by our team, it will then become public and we reserve the right to use it as we see fit.

If you really amaze us, you might get a surprise bonus!

All qualified applicants will have to go through a one-month probationary period, after that you’ll formally be considered a cheq Ambassador! To maintain your Ambassador status you’ll need to contribute with at least three tasks a month.

This is an ever-evolving program so please bear in mind that changes might happen in a short notice.

Want to be a cheqd Ambassador? Fantastic, please fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch!

[Closed] cheqd Memes Competition!

cheqds meme competition original-1

This was a tough one. All entries were fantastic! 🤩

On behalf of our whole team, I’d like to thank you all 🙏 for the entries and for the LOLs. 🤣

And the winners are… 🥁🥁🥁

Best video
🏆 @JuraganLaron —

Best classic meme
🏆 @harttlock — (Family Guy parody)

Best gif
🏆 @bhelekesehe —

The other finalists are (no particular order):
🏅 @Yadhukrishna131 —

🏅 @gorengtemp3 —

🏅 @nafihpp — (Puzzle)

🏅 @Laughlife69 —

🏅 @paklekprat —

🏅 @Arifin892 —

🏅 @Anargy4 —

Thanks to the success of our Sticker Pack Competition, we’re going bigger and louder in this new competition. Invite your friends and family to participate in our competition and maybe have them learn a bit more about self-sovereign identity (SSI).

The total prize money pot this time will be 2,000$. cheq it out!


Video: 450$ USDT
Classic meme: 275$ USDT
GIF: 275$ USDT

And… 1,000$ USDT to be shared amongst 10 finalists.

Remember, for your video, meme or gif to be considered it HAS to be related to cheqd, self-sovereign identity or crypto.

To participate in the competition, follow these steps:

  1. Join the cheqd Telegram Group
  2. Follow cheqd on Twitter: @cheqd_io
  3. Drop your entry in the thread and tag a friend
  4. Take a screenshot of your entry and send to [email protected] along with your Twitter account and Telegram username. The subject line should be “cheqd MEMES COMPETITION”.
  5. Winners will be announced 17 September through the same email sent for your entry

Good luck and welcome to the cheqd community!

-cheqd team

Note : The data shared with us is solely for identification purposes. Participants need to have a valid Twitter account and Telegram username.

[Closed] Infographics & Animated Stickers Competition

Infographics & Animated Stickers Competition

Our network launch date is getting closer and closer… and to get more people to understand what cheqd is all about, we’re launching a new competition!

Best Use Case Infographic

1st place: 250$ USDT
2nd place: 175$ USDT
3rd place: 75$ USDT

Research this blogTwitterour website, and YouTube channel to learn about self-sovereign identity use cases.

Best Animated Sticker Pack

1st place: 250$ USDT
2nd place: 175$ USDT
3rd place: 75$ USDT

The sticker pack needs at least five animated stickers (they need to move!) with the following:

  1. Hello!
  2. Thank you
  3. LOL
  4. Welcome to our group
  5. Let’s go!

And, the more, the better. If your pack has more stickers, you’ll definitely have the edge over the other competitors. Non-animated stickers will not be considered.

To participate in the competition, follow these steps:

  1. Join the cheqd Telegram Group
  2. Follow cheqd on Twitter: @cheqd_io
  3. Drop your entry in the thread and tag a friend
  4. Take a screenshot of your entry and send it to [email protected] along with your Twitter account and Telegram username. The subject line should be “cheqd Infographics & Stickers Competition”.
  5. Winners will be announced 5th of November through the same email sent for your entry.

Good luck and welcome to the cheqd community!

-cheqd team

Note: The data shared with us is solely for identification purposes. Participants need to have a valid Twitter account and a valid Telegram username.