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Data Wars: Return of the Cosmos Community Missions


This cheqd airdrop has been successfully completed, resulting in many happy $CHEQ holders 🎉 We love working with our community and keep on surprising them. Make sure to join us to be the first to hear about our next event 👉 TwitterTelegram and Discord.


Fellow cheqmates of the Rebel Alliance! We return bearing news that the final Cosmos Community mission is here. It’s not hard but you’ll have to process a lot of informationUse the Force to find the way to the rewards and beware of the Dark Side that wants to steal your data and proceed with…

We’ve taken some artistic licence while creating this mission. We hate to burst your bubble but to succeed in this mission you’ll have to be…

You may have to put your pride aside to do some grinding before unlocking the rewards. Remember, it should be a 👇

So open your creative valve and pick up a pen to decode clues much like the nuclear physicists who invented hyperdrive had to!

As you embark on this crazy adventure to be the first to crack the mystery, you may find that keeping a sunny disposition will be core to being victorious.

Find your voice, Padawan, as you become cheqd’s ally in the Data Wars Rebel Alliance by being able to explain what self-sovereign identity (SSI) ishow our tokenomics works, and learn more about how our network gives you complete control of your data.

If you haven’t figured it out already, Mission 3 is akin to puzzle genre game, similar to Tetris. (Although, one could say that a Tetris screen looks like the…).

You might also find that building bridges with other cheqmates gives you an edge by putting many heads together: so ask your friends, your parents and other members of the CHEQ community for help.

But also remember…with great effort comes great rewards.

With great quotes come great movie franchises

Big enough for you to foot the bill for a celebration with your mates, but, let’s be honest, not enough to pay for your kid’s tuition

Are you in a treasure-hunting state of mind? Are you ready to claim your bounty before anyone else? We’ve already given you two very big clues in this blog post.


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