cheqd’s roadmap

Our focus is to expand the utility of the cheqd network for decentralised identity use cases. This is our core mission and vision and - the reason why - we have such a broad interest within the self-sovereign identity (SSI) vendor ecosystem.

We want to get to a point, quickly, where we can provide compelling answers to “What identity capabilities does cheqd network provide, and how do I build it into my apps as an app developer / software vendor?”

Equally important as a focus area is deeper integrations with the Cosmos and wider Web 3.0 ecosystem. Digital identity is a burning need across DeFi, CeDeFi, and “traditional” Web 2.0 apps that cuts across as a “horizontal”, as well as being extremely important in “verticals” such as NFTs and online/offline reputation.


Quick Wins - Q1 2022

Each new release of cheqd software that we ship would aim for incrementally improving core functionality, which improves life for users (individual and enterprise), token holders, node operators and app developers. In this category (which we’ve called “Quick Wins”), we have product features and improvements where the approach is well-known and understood within the SSI and Web 3.0 industries.

  • Tutorials for developers on using the identity and token functionality of cheqd network
  • Integrations with industry-standard identity projects such as DIF’s Universal DID Resolver project
  • New & improved decentralised identity functionality

  • Wider integration with Cosmos ecosystem

  • Bridge to Ethereum networks

  • Improved automation & tooling for managing validator nodes on cheqd network

Strategic aims: Identity (Q2 2022 and beyond)

Much of the basic identity functionality is currently live on the cheqd mainnet, but we’ve been working on stability and security improvements (due to go-live by the end of January 2022) before we begin guiding app developers in earnest. Here are our product ideas in the identity space we believe will have the greatest impact in the short-term.

For a deeper dive, please read our blog here.

  • Payment rails for digital identity exchange

    • Robust, secure, and privacy-preserving payment mechanisms
    • Flexibility - no single payment fits every use case
    • “Payment” doesn’t necessarily mean “locked” credential
  • Client SDKs in more programming languages

  • Better interoperability and support for emerging identity standards

  • Native, cross-chain identity primitives for Cosmos ecosystem

  • Smart contracts using CosmWasm

  • Establish ourselves as a leader in decentralised governance for identity

Explore partnership for use-cases across DeFi, NFTs and much more

We would love your feedback on our product vision for 2022. We welcome engagement and feedback across a range of different forums, such as our Community Slack, Governance Framework discussion board, and Telegram Group, or drop us an email using the form below.


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"You can't have Web 3.0 without a form of decentralised identity that works at scale and has a business model for network participants hardcoded into it. That’s why we firmly believe in cheqd’s mission as they enable SSI.”  

Jamie Burke
CEO at Outlier Ventures




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