Clear, simple, transparent pricing

Issuing credentials on cheqd’s network is easy and straightforward with pricing to match.

Public test and main networks


1 Revocation functionality will be launched in coming months and will follow the same pricing structure when launched.
2 If CHEQ hits $1 or $10, the price would be 0.03$ and $0.3 respectively, still comfortably affordable.

Let's get building, head to our docs and then either to the faucet (for testnet) or anywhere our $CHEQ is available to get going!
If you’re not sure what to build or what to write, head to our use-case and learn pages!

Feel free to reach out to for any assistance in getting set up.

Private or permissioned networks

We understand some of you may not want or may not be ready for public main-net. If so, please get in touch with us at


The combination of verifiable credential exchange with value exchange through a token based ecosystem unlocks new opportunities and business models that traditional SSI technology don’t provide out of the box and this is why we are excited to be part of this journey. 

Lohan Spies
Founder & CEO at DIDx