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Join our cheqd Ambassador Program

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Ambassador program. This program aims to recruit awesome ambassadors that will help us grow our community and make self-sovereign identity (SSI) a reality!

For you to be successful in this program, you’ll need to be able to articulate SSI, our use cases, partnerships, milestones, and achievements to a broader audience.

On our travels, we’ve found that not enough people are aware of SSI given it has the potential to:

  • Give you ownership of your data
  • Remove the need to ever create an account again
  • Eliminate passwords

Help us spread the word!

Requirements & Benefits

As an ambassador we expect you to promote cheqd and produce interesting, fun, and engaging content that will attract more people to our project.

If you’re considered a qualified candidate, you will receive special benefits and bonuses depending on your role and the degree of your contributions.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  1. Join the cheqd OG group in Discord
  2. Work closely with the cheqd team
  3. Advise marketing decision-making process as a community representative
  4. Opportunity for a full-time job
  5. Get the chance to earn surprise rewards

Roles, Responsibilities & Bonuses





Write articles to explain cheqd and its use cases to different audiences. Share project updates and events. Publish relevant blog posts regularly.

20-200 USDT/CHEQ per article depending on the content. 


Translate our content into different languages.

20-200 USDT/CHEQ depending on the number of content translated.


Create memes, stickers and other visual content.

10-200 USDT/CHEQ depending on the content.

Video maker

Create explainers, memes, and how-to videos.

50-300 USDT/CHEQ depending on the content.

Creative/Guerrilla activities 

Surprise us!

Up to 2,000 USDT/CHEQ depending on the result.

Every single work MUST BE approved by the core team. Your bonus will be added and paid in full at the end of the month. Be aware that after content is approved by our team, it will then become public and we reserve the right to use it as we see fit.

If you really amaze us, you might get a surprise bonus!

All qualified applicants will have to go through a one-month probationary period, after that you’ll formally be considered a cheq Ambassador! To maintain your Ambassador status you’ll need to contribute with at least three tasks a month.

This is an ever-evolving program so please bear in mind that changes might happen in a short notice.

Want to be a cheqd Ambassador? Fantastic, please fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch!


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