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Infrastructure for Trusted Data markets

Exchange and monetise Trusted Data that is verifiable, portable, and privacy-preserving.

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Use cases

Take your avatar experience achievements DAO records credit scores preferences medical history qualifications

where you game need socialise want want shop need care study

and be rewarded

cheqd provides the most effective way of managing data, putting the user in control.

Streamline user experience and operational efficiency by building Trusted Data Markets.

Trusted data

cheqd is the infrastructure for Trusted Data Markets

We’re building the payment infrastructure and the trust layer that enables the creation of marketplaces for Trusted Data. Our technology changes the current data paradigm, enabling consumers to fully own their data.

Trusted Data is data that can be verified using Verifiable Credentials

SSI & BLockchain

Our technology

Self-Sovereign Identity can empower customers, companies or even objects with ownership, portability, interoperability, and control of their data and identities.

cheqd is a public permissionless network built with Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and blockchain technologies. It provides first-of-its-kind payment rails, decentralised identity, customisable commercial models, and governance structures for Trusted Data.

From consumer credit data to Web3 lending environments, manufacturing, education and DAOs to gaming, our network is the foundation for businesses to build upon.


Build with an enterprise SDK of your choice. Credential types: JSON (VC-JWT), JSON-LD, AnonCreds, and more coming.

Business focused

Upcoming payment rails for Verifiable Credentials to create trusted data markets.


Performance that can scale as you need. ~7,500 transactions per second.

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)

Fully conformant to W3C DID spec with DID-Linked Resource support.

Plug-in and play

Get setup easily with Universal Registrar & Universal Resolver.


Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) credentials for additional privacy.

Business focused

Upcoming payment rails for Verifiable Credentials to create trusted data markets

Enterprise-ready performance

Peak performance at a low cost.

Uniquely scalable

More nodes to make the network decentralised and secure.


cheqd can run 100x more transactions than competitors.

ZKP Credentials

Zero-Knowledge Proof credentials for Web3 use cases.

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From Web3, soulbound tokens, decentralised or self-sovereign identity (SSI), blockchain, governance, CeDeFi, technology delivery, and enterprise deployment – we provide our latest perspective and discuss all things digital identity.

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“With cheqd’s commitment to interoperability across all SSI ecosystems and its unique focus on SSI-based value exchange, you have one of the most exciting projects in SSI today."
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Drummond Reed
Director of Trust Services

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Our team

We’re lucky to have an international team that is passionate about and experienced in digital identity, blockchain, innovation, technology, and enterprise deployment.

Fraser Edwards

Fraser Edwards


Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee


Javed Khattak

Javed Khattak


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If you are an SSI Vendor, Consultancy, Enterprise, Government agency, or a Web3 company contact us for a discovery call so we can learn about your use case, problem statements, and get you set up with cheqd.

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